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Feb 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM // 2 min read

Recommended Safety Features to Reduce Forklift Truck Accidents

By Ian Kelly
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We all know that forklift truck accidents aren't good for anyone—the operator, your business, or your trucks.

Having the right equipment on your truck can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, but there's such a wide range of safety equipment on the market that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need.

All of our trucks already come with the standard safety features, however some environments are more prone to forklift truck accidents than others, so it's worth considering what else is available.

Electric counterbalance forklift truck

Here are the top five safety features we recommend adding to your forklift:

1. Blue Spot LED Lamp

A blue spot LED lamp gives prior warning to anyone nearby that a forklift truck is coming their way. Many forklifts are virtually noise free, and often operators are told to use their horns to make people aware of them. The blue spot LED lamp is an additional indicator which makes it easier for people to notice their surroundings.

2. Low Height LED Flashing Beacon

A low height LED flashing beacon can be placed below the overhead guard, reducing potential impact damage to lower and industrial flexible doors. This added feature helps to improve operator safety and decrease the downtime caused by collisions.

3. Horizontal Forks Leveling System

We recognise that reducing damage to products is important to our customers. By having a horizontal forks leveling system, operators are less likely to have incidents that can cause damage to them, the materials they're moving, and their trucks. This added safety feature also increases productivity as operators can work faster.

4. Panoramic Rear View Mirror

Panoramic rear view mirrors improve operator visibility by ensuring that they can see everything that's going on around them at a quick glance. This feature is especially useful towards the end of operators' shifts, as tiredness can contribute to a lack of concentration.

5. Full LED Light Package

A full LED light package is another easy way to enhance forklift safety by ensuring trucks are visible in your working environment at all times. The lights are extremely bright yet efficient and cheap to maintain.

No matter what your forklift needs are, we're confident we can find a solution that helps to improve safety in your business.

Interested in our forklift safety solutions? Find your local dealer today. 

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