TCM trucks are based on a proud history and a strong global and innovative engineering platform. This mean products designed that meet high demands in terms of technology, quality, ergonomics and design. The core product infrastructure has a high level of tailored options to ensure that every truck meets customers’ exact needs.   Products include warehouse and counterbalance trucks as well as specific solutions for special applications. With load capacities from 350 to 10 000 kg TCM strives to cover all material handling needs indoors and outdoors.

Electric counterbalance forklift trucks

Diesel/lpg counterbalance forklift trucks

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Pallet trucks

Reach trucks

When your materials handling needs are particularly intensive, a quality reach truck may be the best tool for the job. These trucks' reach masts allow them to remove and place pallets from high racks with ease, and their solid design and sheer strength makes them perfect for heavy loads. Other features, like the telescopic forks and multi-directional handling available with some models, lets them handle deep racks, narrow aisles and irregular pallets with ease.


Stacker trucks are primarily used for stacking pallets at a range of heights, but they're very versatile machines, and perfect for moving pallets around a warehouse. Our stackers come in pedestrian, stand-on, stand-in and sit-on models, and have been designed with ergonomics and usability as the focus. Double stackers, which can carry two pallets at once, and stackers with telescopic forks for deeper racking are also available.

Very Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

In some warehouses, aisles may be so narrow that a conventional forklift cannot turn around to leave the aisle after retrieving a pallet. In this case, you might need a narrow aisle truck, which has a slim profile and can use rotating forks to manoeuvre pallets in very small spaces. Our VNA truck, the TERGO URS, is perfect for this situation, and was the winner of the International Forklift of the Year award in 2015, in the warehouse truck category.