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LOF, LOS, LOC, LOL, LOD // Order Pickers

Order Pickers


Low-Level Order Picker

Electric Icon-01 Electric
24 v Voltage
2.5 t Max Cap

Optimise Productivity Safely

In the materials handling world, order picking is the most labour-intensive and expensive. By paying careful attention to process design, it’s possible to keep these costs under control and make your warehouse more efficient and profitable.

The LO-series order pickers offer an exceptional combination of manoeuvrability, user-friendly design and flexibility.  With rapid acceleration, high top speed and gentle braking, it moves quickly between picking stations. The series has been designed for safe and effective first/second level order picking in heavy warehouse environments.

Its slender footprint means that the LO-series pickers navigate narrow aisles with ease whilst keeping safety standards high. Other features include a spacious driving platform with comfortable backrest, an optional adjustable seat, a low step-in and plenty of space for terminals, scanners, label printers and more to suit your processes. 

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TCM Order Picker features include

LO - Multi-Shift Capability_yellow retouch (1)

Multi-Shift Capability

Its high-capacity battery allows for multi-shift operations, with a roller batterybed coming as standard to speed up changing batteries.

LOC_a resize 2 (1)

Flexible Specification

The truck is almost infinitely customisable, allowing you to design a specialist truck for the specific application, users and environment it will be working in with a wide range of custom designed options and accessories.


LO - Driver-Tailored Performance

Driver-Tailored Performance

To enhance safety, the truck's performance can be set individually to suit each driver's skills and experience. Personal performance settings include acceleration, lift/tilt speed, regenerative braking and top speed.


Safety First

The TCM S3 - Stability Support System helps provide industry-leading safety levels. To maintain driving stability in a wide range of situations, the S3 technology continuously measures speed, steering, commands, mast movement and lift height of the truck. The new Dynamic Cornering Control feature modifies the relationship between the speed of the truck and the operator´s steering wheel movements allowing a higher level of cornering speed, even when handling loads at high levels. Optimised Performance Control adapts the tilt and reach speed to maximise stability and safety. Active Spin Reduction improves safety especially when driving on low-friction surfaces and helps reduce drive wheel wear for additional cost savings.


Total Cost of Ownership

We view truck sales as a long-term strategic partnership, taking a consultative approach to understand your operations, processes and workforce, and bringing in factors like servicing and maintenance when looking at total cost of ownership.Taking a holistic view of materials handling, by far the biggest cost is the operator, so we will help you identify any areas where a more efficient truck would boost productivity and lower costs.


Self-Diagnosis [large]


Maximising up-time, the truck's computer has a built-in troubleshooting system that simplifies fault detection. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck which shortens repair times.

Dealer Network [large]

Dealer Network

TCM’s extensive pan-European dealer network means that not only will you have an experienced, understanding partnership pre-sales, but the after-care and any servicing is handled by your local experts quickly and professionally.

Common Parts [large]

Shared Parts Philosophy

The RTF is built on the reach truck chassis with TCM's unique shared components concept. By only having to carry a limited number of components, our mobile service engineers can fix over 95% of all breakdowns – on the first call.

Model Voltage (V) Width (mm) Capacity (kg)
LOL200 24 790 2000
LOL250 2500
LOD200 2000
LOD250 2500
LOF120 1200
LOC120 1200
LOS200 2500