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Around 5000 people worldwide contribute their skills, expertise and commitment to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of a range of industrial trucks that create a real difference. TCM’s thoughtfully designed product range offers all the options in capacity, power and handling to create a truly excellent truck range that meets all operational tasks and duties – in the warehouse, loading bay or stockyard.

Product overview


TCM has the solid combination of world-renown Japanese quality and technology, with robust Swedish product design. It’s a fusion that puts the driver-operator at the heart, with simplicity and ergonomic comfort and control. TCM’s European headquarters in Sweden manage product development and manufacturing in both Sweden and Spain. TCM is a thoroughly European-built forklift range. With a heritage and industry experience that goes all the way back to 1949 to the very first forklift trucks. TCM is very much focused on creating the products and service combination of the future. 


Balancing simplicity with economy and environmentally-sound performance has always been the focus for TCM. It means that they deliver true benefits in energy-efficiency operational performance and low-cost of ownership that support customers’ business needs.


TCM builds forklifts that are easy for everyone to work with. With extended warranty options and first-visit-fix for reactive service calls, TCM stands for a unique mixture of customer-oriented solutions you can count on. Proven technology paired with practical features.


Harsh operating environments call for tough durable forklifts. TCM trucks are the reliable and adaptable workhorse that businesses can trust and depend on - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


TCM dealers provide key business advantages.

And as autonomous businesses TCM dealers offer something extra and unique. Essentially a best of both – a flexible approach to doing business, backed by the considerable corporate strengths of a global forklift truck manufacturer with all the world-class product development and engineering technology, plus extensive training and technical capabilities. A ‘global leader’ plus local dealer.

As independent businesses TCM dealers make their own choices and decisions. So they can offer limitless flexibility to create the exact product package that is right for each individual customer. It means a tailored service from a single source and trusted local material handling partner.



Our products are sold via specialist dealers, who operate a complete support network across the UK. You can either find your local contact or leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

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Our products and solutions are sold through a national network of specialist dealers. They offer product sales, technical help, service, spares and support across the UK

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