FD & FGE 3.5-5.0

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FD & FGE 3.5-5.0 -4-wheel IC counterbalance truck

The FD & FGE 3.5-5.0 is a comfortable heavy-duty counterbalance truck for loads of between 3.5– 5.0 tons, with straightforward strengths and a world class combustion engine – diesel or LPG.

The FD & FGE 3.5-5.0 is a heavy, high precision work horse that will serve you quietly and almost vibration free. Advanced ergonomics and a host of innovative safety and performance technologies contribute to world class efficiency, and a wide range of customised options further enhance versatility.
Car like driving characteristics means the driver is always in control. Our counterbalance truck FD & FGE 3.5-5.0 features a state-of-the-art LPG engine for maximum efficiency and a minimum of emissions. An ECO mode further lowers fuel consumption and noise levels. The robust diesel engine, with rapid preheating in the FD & FGE variant, is extremely reliable and easy to start while also meeting stringent environmental requirements.

The truck is easy to service using the integrated diagnostics system for rapid trouble-shooting and maximum uptime.

Steering wheel synchronization

For a relaxed driving position, the steering synchroniser keeps the steering knob in a comfortable 9 o'clock position when travelling straight, before and after taking a turn.


A simple press of a button reduces both noise levels and fuel consumption

PIN code authorization

This standard feature will prevent unauthorised use of the truck. The code can be connected to individual driving parameters.


Ensuring low fuel consumption and low emission levels without compromising on performance, the LPG engine features an advanced engine control system with 3-way catalyst and closed loop system.

Long replacement intervals

Adding to low life cycle costs, there are long driving times between replacement of main components and fluids.

Extensive standard equipment

Standard features include: Steering synchroniser, PIN code, multi-function LCD display, 3-way catalyst & swing down bracket (LPG-models), lamp kit, back rest, two mirrors, pneumatic tires.

Advanced ergonomics for improved performance
Shared components for maximum up-time
Self Diagnostics