FDJ & FGEJ 3.5

Overview Brochure
FDJ & FGEJ 3.5 4-wheel IC counterbalance truck

TCM’s advanced FDJ & FGEJ 3.5 offers an array of new technology and design to provide a safe, comfortable and productive space for both you and your colleagues in the surrounding area. Protecting and sustaining the environment is important to you and to us. TCM approaches this responsibility with the conviction that sound environmental policy is at the core of sound business practice
This is evidenced in the FDJ & FGEJ 3.5 electronic controlled LPG engines, delivering exceptionally low emissions levels.
TheFDJ & FGEJ 3.5’ Risk Reduction System incorporates advanced standard features to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the driver and the truck, including:

• Return-to-Neutral Transmission
• Mast Lock System
• Parking Brake warning
• Seat Belt Warning
Mast Lock System

This standard seat-actuated system automatically locks lifting and tilting operations when the operator exits the truck.

Optional Steering Synchronizer

This function, controlled by the VCM, helps ensure the accurate and consistent coordination of steering wheel and tires, for precise steering every time.

Engine Concentrated Control System (ECCS)

Engine and vehicle functions are monitored and controlled continually through integrated systems that offer rapid troubleshooting together with the best truck performance at all times and under all conditions.

Strict testing for superior quality

TCM uses the same development process and testing system as for its automobile development, for superior quality and enhanced reliability.