FTB 1.25-2.0

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FTB - 48V electrically powered 3-wheel counterbalance truck

The TCM FTB is strong, intelligent and industrious. Ideal in tight spaces, this modern counterbalance truck is quiet, efficient and easy to drive.
With its 3-wheel concept and compact design the FTB is swift, easy to manoeuvre and provides a class-leading turning circle. Car like driving characteristics mean the driver is always in control.
Our counterbalance truck FTB features world class ergonomics including fingertip controls and generous headroom. It can be easily customised for different drivers, and with up to five driver profiles drivers will always get a truck that fits their experience and skills.

The truck is easy to service using the integrated diagnostics system for rapid trouble-shooting and maximum up-time. And choosing the optional roller battery, it is both quick and safe to change the battery.
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Steering wheel synchronization

For a relaxed driving position, the steering synchroniser keeps the steering knob in a comfortable 9 o'clock position when travelling straight, before and after taking a turn.

Battery changing system

With the battery placed on rollers, you will change batteries quickly and safely

Acceleration control

Facilitating control at low speeds, the acceleration curve changes depending on how quickly the driver presses the pedal.

Maintenance-free brakes

The six-disc type wet-brakes are fully-closed to keep out dirt and dust. This gives both consistently high brake performance and longer service intervals for lower maintenance costs.

Advanced ergonomics for improved performance

A spacious cabin with adjustable seat and steering wheel and a conveniently positioned armrest with electro-hydraulic fingertip controls allows the driver to easily control the truck ergonomically. This combined with the car-like driving characteristics make the forklift a pleasure to drive.

Shared components for maximum up-time

All the forklifts are modular built with TCM's unique shared components concept.
By only having to carry a limited number of components, our mobile service engineers can fix over 95% of all breakdowns – on the first call.

Self Diagnostics

Maximising up-time, the truck's computer has a built-in trouble-shooting system that simplifies fault detection. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck which shortens repair times.