EO Series

Overview Brochure
The picker EO series is designed with the science of ergonomics in mind. Order picking relies heavily on operator involvement. This truck has been designed to make the operator more comfortable and efficient, which creates increases the efficiency of your business.

The number of working hours required to perform an order picking operation is much higher than the cost of all the other functions added together.
This labour-intensive operation becomes the most expensive of all your materials handling costs and this makes the selection of our order picking equipment a decision that will determine how well you keep these costs under control and allow your business to become more profitable.

When driving forward (chassis first) the operator has maximum visibility, ensuring that forward vision is not obscured by the picked load
Great visibility is fundamental to maneuverability. The great ergonomic design of cabin and chassis create circumstances that increase operator alertness and the ability to work in restricted areas in a safe manner. Great design includes controls that can be adjusted to fit each and every operator. Custom fitting, great ergonomics and 360° visibility equal high productivity and maximum safety.

Safety is a absolutely for TCM and this order picker is safe for everyone involved:
• For the operator
• For other people in and around the working area
• For products and manufacturing equipment in the area

No More 'Dead Man's Switch'

The traditional, cumbersome dead man's foot switch has been replaced by a sensing system embedded in the floor of the the operator's area. This automatically detects when both of the operator's feet are in the correct safe position. The strain of constantly depressing the dead man's switch has been completely eliminated.


Pick At Previously Unattainable Heights

With the EO Series, you can pick at heights previously unattainable getting close to the picking location, as quickly, closely and safely as possible. Your local TCM Partner will walk you through all of the options that suits you needs. Contact us today to be put in touch.