Overview Brochure
LLR/LLS Stand-in and sit-on low lifters

The TCM LLR/LLS is a comfortable low lifter forklift truck for internal transport in heavy-duty operations.

The truck is ideal for long cycles and heavy goods flows.
This stand-in low lifter forklift has a wide range of options that allow you to handle many types of load carriers.

The forklift driver compartment has well positioned, easily accessible controls and power steering.
The ergonomic, natural standing position, with the operator fully protected within the chassis, allows all-round visibility when driving in either direction.

For multi-shift applications, the battery is placed on rollers, for quick, easy changes.

Shared components for maximum uptime

The LLR/LLS is modular built with TCM's unique shared components concept. It shares parts with SPH, and SSO – this maximises both uptime and first time fix rate. What's more, the brushless AC motor and reduced brake wear through motor braking help extend the service intervals.

Optimised performance

Making picking very cost effective, the powerful AC motor gives high top speed and fast acceleration between picking locations

Handling efficiency

The LLR/LLS versions give excellent all round visibility, ease of operation and comfort – this is the perfect partner for intensive operations.

With a broad range of fork solutions, the LLR/LLS manage most every load carrier in heavy duty applications.

Safety and ergonomics for productivity

To enhance the operator's ergonomics the controls are well positioned and easy to access. Fully adjustable power steering wheel and control panel make it easy to find the perfect driving position.

Writing surface and practical storage space come as standard.

Stand- in on versatility

The stand on version of this versatile transporter allows the operator an ergonomic position during the operation.

Compact design makes the LLR/LLS ideal for confined spaces.