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PTE Compact pedestrian pallet truck with forklift

The PTE – two functions in one truck: a compact pedestrian pallet truck for heavy loads and an ergonomic lift function for easy picking.
Our PTE is ideal for shop floor replenishment, order picking and short-distance internal transport, for example in warehouses, supermarkets and production areas.

The versatile forklift truck is a lowlifter with an ergonomic lift function, taking the strain off the back.
To ensure operational efficiency, it can even handle two pallets at once – one on the forks and one low pallet on the straddles.

Climbing wheels in front of forks makes it easy to handle many types of pallets and load carriers.

It is comfortable and safe to drive, while the narrow chassis enhances manoeuvrability also in confined spaces.

The low chassis gives the operator a clear view of the load and forks. Improving safety and visibility, the offset tiller arm allows the operator to walk beside the truck.
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Shared components for maximum uptime

The PTE is modular built with TCM's unique shared components concept. It shares parts with PTL, SPD and SP – this maximises both uptime and first time fix rate. What's more, the brushless AC motor extends the service intervals.

Offset tiller arm for safe operation

The offset tiller arm makes it possible for the operator to walk beside the truck. This gives full visibility over the fork and load and reduces the risk of foot injuries. The offset tiller arm features a display and keypad for PIN code entry.

Three different operator category settings ensure the operator has access to the right performance depending on driving skills and prevents unauthorised use. The ATC T4 controller, including an advanced fault code function, contributes to fast trouble shooting.

Space saving chassis

The narrow (only 660 mm wide), short and round edged chassis allows the operator to pick up and position pallets in very confined spaces. The rounded edges also minimise the risk of damaged goods, while the low bumper on the steel covered chassis prevents foot injuries. For even better space utilisation, there's the option of Tiller Up drive.

Two trucks in one

The PTE is designed to work as a normal low lifter, but also to lift to ergonomic picking height. You might also handle two pallets at a time with straddle lift, which provides very fast, efficient loading and unloading.

ATC T4 truck management

The high end technology is completed with an efficient AC drive motor, controlled by the Truck Computer.

To prohibit unauthorized use, there is a PIN code access with driver category settings.

Operational data help support optimised use of the fleet.

Service menu with diagnostics make servicing quick and easy.

Stability by Friction Force technology

TCM's patented 4-point Friction Force chassis including flexible connection between load carrier and motor-chassis ensures that the wheels always remain on the floor to provide stable operation in all conditions.