Overview Brochure
PTR Stand-on pallet truck

Featuring a robust fold down driver platform and foldable protective sidebars, this stand-on pallet truck allows for long travel distance and extended work cycles.

The PTR is perfectly suited for the most intensive operations.
This stand-on pallet truck can be used for loading/unloading, internal transport, and handles all types of load carriers.

This quick and powerful truck, with a 5-point chassis, provides top-quality stability even at high speeds.
The low chassis prevents foot injuries, and the compact design enables the truck to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

The five wheel design combined with Friction Force technology gives both high lateral stability and excellent traction.

Servo steering is optional on the PTR 200 but comes as standard on the PTR 250.

A fixed driver-protected platform is optional.
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ATC T4 truck management

Individual PIN access allows only authorised drivers to operate truck. Optimise use of the fleet with operational data. Service menu with diagnostics makes servicing quick and easy. Modular design and reduced number of parts for maximum uptime.

High performance

The PTR is a heavy duty high performance truck capable of 12kph with AC power allowing high cycle times and fast throughput

Adjustable Ergonomic Tiller arm

The tiller is ergonomically constructed to ensure that all controls are correctly positioned for comfortable handling in all situations. With adjustable length it allows all operators to find the ideal driving position. Servo steering (standard on the PTR 250) contributes even more to operator comfort.

Stability by Friction Force technology

Hydraulic system that maintains high drive wheel presure even when loaded as it compensates for the increased load on the forks.

This ensures good traction in all conditions including on slopes and when cornering at speed

Multi-shift capability

Battery capacity up to 600 Ah allows long working cycles.

For efficient multi-shift operations, a quick battery changing system is available as the batterybed on rollers comes as standard.