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Case Study: How A TCM Dealer Helped Algeco Shift to Carbon Neutrality

Formerly known as Elliott Group, Algeco is a market leader in modular buildings throughout the UK and Europe, part of the Modulaire Group – Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading modular services and infrastructure group – offering first-class modular and temporary accommodation and turnkey modular solutions.

Algeco wanted to employ greener practices throughout the company as part of its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy & commitment which meant that they need to replace their entire ICE forklift fleet for electric trucks across all sites in the UK. 

Take a closer look at how TCM dealer, BJB Lift Trucks helped them through that incredible transition. 

Case Study BJB ALGECO Carbon neutralThis case study will help you:

  • To understand how the process of Electrification can look for a large company

  • Discover the brilliance of TCM's dealer problem-solving 

  • Understand the outcomes of incorporating electric trucks in the warehouse on a large scale  

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