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Future-proof your fleet with TCM electric range.

Equipped with the latest technology and leading energy efficiency, plug into the future with our electric fork trucks for a lean, green fleet.

Lite Range products

TCM Lite Range.

Going back to basics with affordable equipment for all your low-intensity operations

Explore TCM full electric range


Maximise safety and minimise risks. With a safety-first approach, our innovative fork truck design has adjustable features and high visibility to keep your workforce safe.

Electric Counterbalance Forklifts (5)


Drive efficiencies across your warehouse. Engineered for manoeuvrability and power performance, each truck is designed to streamline your operations.

FHB 6. Counterbalance Forklifts (2)-1


Invest in your drivers’ health. At TCM, our forklift trucks are designed with the latest ergonomic features to provide a comfortable driving experience for even the longer shifts.

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A quiet operator with zero emissions, our electric fork trucks are energy-efficient and can be tailored to your drivers and operations for a seamless experience.

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Boasting clean-air engine technology and a robust frame, our diesel forklifts are ideal partners for the more demanding applications.

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With quick refuelling and minimal fumes, our LPG forklift trucks have powerful, responsive engines that can adapt to a number of tasks for indoor and outdoor use.

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About Us

Why TCM?

With forward-thinking machinery and unmatched industry expertise, we work closely with businesses of all sizes to understand every aspect of your working environment and discover the right solution for you.

Cutting-edge, efficient forklift trucks

Harnessing pioneering technology, we deliver precision-engineered equipment to boost warehouse efficiency and evolve with your needs and industry standards.

Invest in partnerships

Working closely with our customers and their unique needs, we build and nurture strong relationships to provide reliable, tailor-made solutions.

Local expertise and support

Leveraging our trusted dealer network across Europe gives you access to a dedicated support team that is on hand to guide you from pre-sales through to after-care and servicing.

Operator comfort

Designed with enhanced ergonomics to reduce strain and fatigue, our trucks work in tandem with operators for a customised experience to maximise productivity in your warehouse.


Built around the operator with extensive safety features, TCM fork trucks are built to last - protecting your operators and warehouse across a range of applications.
Why TCM?

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