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FB FTB electric counterbalance trucks 2 back (5)

Electric Counterbalance - FB Series.

Untitled design (16)

Electric Counterbalance - FHB Series.

3. FD.FGE 15-35 Diesel and LPG Forklift (1)

Engine Counterbalance - Diesel & LPG - Stage V compliant.

Electric order pickers

Order Pickers.

4. Pallet stackers

Compact Pallet Stackers.


Pallet Stackers.

PTP S Pallet Truck

Pallet Trucks.

8. Reach Trucks (1)

Reach Trucks.

TCM-SPR-SPW-opt (3)

SPR/SPW Compact Pedestrian Pallet Stackers.

10. SRD

SRD Ride-On Double Pallet Stackers.

11.SROSSO Product page

SRO/SSO Sit-on and Stand on Pallet Stackers.

Warranty (1)

Warranty Options.


Warehouse managers guide better quality

Warehouse Manager's Handbook.

TCM - Electrification Readiness Checklist CTAs-1-1 - better quality-1 Use this one

Electrification Readiness Checklist.

TCM - 2021 TCO Guide Image CTA - better quality

Guide to Reduce your TCO.

www.tcm.euhubfsTCM - Buying next forklift - Better quality

Guide to Buying Your Next Forklift Truck.

Case Studies.


Heineken Hungary.


How a TCM Dealer Helped Algeco on its Journey to Carbon Neutrality.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 15.24.14

How a TCM Dealer Helped Phoenix Building Systems Transform And Electrify Their 4-Strong Forklift Fleet .

RKT11673 (1)

Powering Östu-Szczecin's Fleet With a 10-Tonne, Diesel Forklift Truck.

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