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Electric Counterbalance Forklifts


The TCM FB/FTB & FHB Series Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Discover our range of electric forklifts: designed for different purposes, all with the same world class ergonomics. 

From logistics to manufacturing, our FB/FTB & FHB series models are the solution to your needs.



3-4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance Forklift

The FB/FTB is the latest update to our electric counterbalance truck range. With an advanced range of features and applications, it is a great option for those looking for a vehicle that is agileintelligent, and durable.

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Li-ION Icon
48 v
2.0 t
Max Cap
FB FTB electric counterbalance truck side photo
FBFTB electric counterbalance side
FB FTB electric counterbalance trucks 2 back




This Electric counterbalance forklift FHB truck provides responsive, ergonomically designed controls, clear all-round vision and an advanced all-wheel steering system.

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Li-ION Icon
80 v
3.5 t
Max Cap
TCM FHB-F1 2.0-3.5 CCEP35NFS14816F_TCM retouch-FHB-F1
TCM FHB 3.5 studio



4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance

This Electric counterbalance truck has been built to improve overall efficiency through effortless control

Li-ION Icon
80 v
5.5 t
Max Cap
FHB 4.0 - 5.5 no background
FHB 4.0-5.5 back cabin
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4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance

The ideal solution for the handling of heavy goods in all areas of application. The attention to every detail, creativity and technical expertise used in the design and development of the FHB60-120(H)(/9)-E1 are evident in features and design of the truck that combines the ability to lift heavy loads with a very compact and sturdy frame with the ease of driving, the extreme adaptability of performance and maximum operator comfort.

Electric Icon
96 v
12 t
Max Cap
FHB 60-120
FHB 60-120

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TCM Electric Counterbalance Forklifts: World-Class Ergonomics.

Electrification is at the forefront of modern material handling design. This innovative solution is transforming the way we operate. Providing advanced solutions, our electric counterbalance forklifts are developed to ensure that safety, comfort, productivity, and sustainability take centre stage.


A ban on petrol and diesel engines is set to be active by 2030. This generates a need for your business — no matter which industry you operate in — to adapt to new, fast-approaching regulations that will ensure we all work in a more sustainable way.


Download your free checklist: 5 Ways to Prepare for 2030


Whether you make the switch overnight or transition gradually, moving to electric-powered vehicles will future-proof your operations. As well as the environmental benefits,  electric-powered vehicles, like our electric counterbalance range, are ergonomically designed. This enables your operators to work more efficiently, safely, and comfortably, maximising your productivity and reducing your TCO (total cost of ownership).


If you’re keen to reduce your TCO and remain competitive, profitable, and efficient, download your free guide here.


TCM’s electric counterbalance forklift trucks are designed with world-class ergonomics to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient technology in daily operation. 


From logistics to manufacturing, the FB/FTB and FHB series models have been developed to meet the most challenging requirements in today’s demanding material handling environments. They are the cutting-edge solution you need to ensure your operations thrive.


Read on to discover everything you need to know about our electric counterbalance forklift range.



3-4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck


Industry-leading energy efficiency

With an advanced range of features and applications, the 48V, lithium-ion-powered FB/FTB electric counterbalance forklift is a great option for those looking for a vehicle that is agile, intelligent and durable.​

The FB/FTB is the latest update to our electric counterbalance truck range. Its advanced range of features and applications are built to automatically adapt truck behaviour to the driver’s wishes and needs.

Choose between two operator-specific, pre-programmed driving modes: ECO and PRO. The range also supports advanced software, Trucktool Diagnostics, which enables you to change the forklift truck’s settings and run a full diagnostic analysis. Adaptive speed control with rapid foot movement response allows the operator to drive with ease, comfort and agility, effortlessly maximising performance.


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FB FTB electric counterbalance trucks 2 backFirst-class ergonomics

Featuring specific characteristics centred around efficiency, comfort and safety, this electric counterbalance forklift is both versatile and cost-effective. 


Ergonomic placement is a huge contributing factor to the convenience and performance of this vehicle. The spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls are placed on the adjustable armrest to ensure perfect anatomical support and free movement for the driver. The pedals on the FB/FTB are designed, positioned and angled to reduce fatigue, regardless of a driver’s height or foot size, and the optional 360° steering wheel (on the FTB) allows the truck to turn and manoeuvre smoothly without stopping. 


Innovative design

With a spacious operator compartment, a long-handled grab bar and a curved side panel, the driver can access and exit the cabin confidently. The extended seat and steering column adjustability work to facilitate a healthy driving position and bespoke operator comfort.


Through an inclined and narrow dashboard, the high-vision design of the FB/FTB electric counterbalance truck maximises an operator’s ability to see in front, down and beside them at all times. Not forgetting the easy-to-read multi-function colour display that offers a comprehensive menu of information. 

The driver can guide the forklift effortlessly as the truck is enhanced with a one-spoke steering wheel and a steering knob that returns to the ideal 8 o’clock position for simple steering, control and precision.


No compromise, regardless of your preference

The three and four-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks are almost identical with the only difference being the close-coupled steering wheel of the three-wheel forklift and the traditional rear axle of the four-wheel vehicle.


The 360° steering option of the three-wheel counterbalance forklift allows the truck to turn and face the opposite direction in one smooth manoeuvre without stopping, dramatically improving cycle times. 


The Specifics: FTB: Three-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck 

Load capacity ranging from 1,400 KG to 2,000 KG

Truck length ranging from 1,846 mm - 1,969 mm 

Load centre at 500 mm

Overall width ranging from 1,090 - 1,140 mm

Turning radius ranging from 1,502 - 1,610

Travel speed with and without load 16/16 kilometres per hour


The Specifics: FB: Four-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck  

Load capacity ranging from 1,600 KG to 2,000 KG

Truck length ranging from  2,002 mm - 2,125 mm

Load centre at 500 mm

Overall width ranging from 1,090 - 1,140 mm

Turning radius ranging from 1,662 - 1,770

Travel speed with and without load 17/17 kilometres per hour

Efficiency, durability and control are three key factors that ensure your warehouse is productive, your operators are as safe and comfortable as possible, and you’re applying fit-for-purpose vehicles that reduce your TCO and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Download your free brochure of the FB/FTB series electric counterbalance forklift here.




FHB 2.5-3.5

4-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck

Intelligent and efficient innovation

The 80V FHB electric counterbalance truck is powered by lithium-ion (Li-ION) battery technology. With ergonomically designed controls, clear all-round vision and an advanced all-wheel steering system, the FHB provides responsive, agile manoeuvring and control of the truck and its loads with minimal effort or strain. ​


Versatile and cost-effective

A bustling warehouse environment can be a hectic place to operate in. If operators can’t work efficiently, downtime-related costs will soar. The FHB is efficient and durable, with simple servicing and maintenance requirements that minimise time spent out of action and maintain productivity in order to lower your overall TCO.


The FHB electric counterbalance has an ECO mode that can extend the runtime per battery charge, and the Li-ION battery provides a quick-connect access point that enables opportunity charging. Li-ION batteries have a long lifespan and faster-charging abilities than other battery types. This means minimal interruptions to operations, maximised productivity, and a reduced TCO, making the FHB a highly cost-effective solution.


4-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck 


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Comfortable and safe 

To be productive in their tasks, it’s important that operators are happy. This is achieved when they feel safe and comfortable, and can attain job satisfaction. The ergonomic design of the FHB electric counterbalance forklift provides the driver with a spacious, quiet and conveniently equipped compartment, which features an adjustable seat, a large, flat, uncluttered floor, and plenty of foot and headroom.


The cabin is weatherproofed with a transparent roof, two sliding windows on each side, a rear window, front/rear wipers/washers, a heater, and the option for steel or PVC doors.


Along with keeping the driver safe, warm and comfortable, the FHB includes a long grab handle and non-slip step for easy entry and exit, as well as standard working lights, all of which are protected within the overhead guard (OHG) structure.


Where beneficial, additional lights can be added to the FHB electric counterbalance truck to highlight exclusion boundaries and warn pedestrians of the FHB’s presence. 


Advanced precision and control 

Built with the operator in mind, the FHB’s ergonomics and responsiveness enable the driver to operate the electric counterbalance forklift with precision, speed and confidence, even in tight spaces. 


Heightened vision is critical within material handling operations. The FHB provides a clear all-round vision of loads, racking and obstacles, for accurate truck and fork positioning. The advanced all-wheel steering system facilitates agile manoeuvring with minimal effort or strain. 


The steering wheel has a tilt-adjustable column for a comfortable driving position — meaning there’s no need to lean forward — and spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls on an adjustable armrest for superb hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement. 


In addition to advanced visibility and ergonomic controls, the FHB electric counterbalance forklift has an extra burst of torque to avoid loss of speed. This feature is particularly useful when going up ramps and inclines.


The Specifics: FHB 2.5 - 3.5 Four-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck  

Load capacity ranging from 2,000 KG to 3,000 KG

Truck length ranging from  3,459 mm - 3,628 mm

Load centre at 500 mm

Overall width at 1,190 mm

Turning circle radius ranging from 1,920 - 2,064 mm

Travel speed with and without load ranging from 18/18 - 20/20 kilometres per hour


Running an operation with safety, precision, and control in mind are essential for material handling success. In today’s modern warehouse environment, these factors can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re looking for your first electric counterbalance truck, an upgrade, or one to add to your existing fleet, the FHB might be the right forklift truck for your operations.


Discover more about the TCM FHB 2.5-3.5 electric counterbalance forklift truck here.




FHB 4.0 - 5.5

4-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck



Built for power and efficiency

As robust and powerful as a large-engined diesel forklift, the FHB 4.0 - 5.5 offers market-leading performance whilst eliminating noise pollution via the silent hydraulic pump and is more energy-efficient than its diesel counterpart. 


This electric counterbalance forklift boasts an intelligent power boost accelerator which delivers low energy consumption and is particularly useful when travelling uphill or carrying heavy loads. The torque boost automatically adjusts to the truck’s motor torque, enabling the operator to maintain a healthy speed on ramps and inclines. With the FHB, you can choose to use lead-acid or Li-ION batteries depending on which is best suited to your operations.


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Enhanced safety and protection

The FHB has an obstacle-free design, providing wide-ranging vision and eliminating the need to stretch, strain or lean out of the truck to see.


The mast, OHG and rear-mounting lights illuminate both the load of the truck and its surroundings, giving the operator an enhanced awareness of their surroundings at all times. The FHB has safety lights that automatically activate depending on the direction of travel, allowing safe boundaries around the truck to be defined to enhance the safety of nearby workers. 


As well as providing advanced visibility, the FHB electric counterbalance forklift offers advanced driver assistance that calculates and adjusts speeds automatically. Its load sensing monitors the lift, tilt, speed, and load weights of the electric counterbalance, making automatic performance adjustments accordingly, and the hill hold function prevents the forklift from independently rolling backwards when on a hill or ramp. 


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Intuitive control and enhanced visibility

This electric counterbalance forklift has been built to improve efficiency through effortless control. With crystal clear displays, adaptive speed control, swift battery exchange and customisable control options, every feature provides comfort and supports clear thinking. 


The displays provide the operator with valuable information such as lifting and loading messages, alarms, and instructions. The clear display means there are no unnecessary distractions, which is backed up by strong peripheral vision, enhancing awareness when manoeuvring in tight spaces. 


Efficient shift, operator, and battery changes are essential if you want to minimise downtime. The FHB has quick-release locks and 180-degree opening doors. This allows lead-acid battery changes and water level checks to be carried out quickly, and those using Li-ION can benefit from the ability to charge the truck without needing to open the doors.


State-of-the-art ergonomics for comfort

Even on long shifts, the FHB remains comfortable. The ergonomic controls and seating ensure the operator doesn’t have to strain to control the vehicle. With hydraulic levers and fingertip controls, the need for hand lifting, even when wearing gloves, is also reduced. 


As with our other electric counterbalance trucks, the FHB runs quietly, limiting noise pollution and noise-related fatigue and helping to reduce operator sickness and staff turnover.


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The internal climate control allows operators to use the vehicle for both indoor and outdoor tasks as the integrated air conditioning, instant heat, and excellent ventilation are easily adjustable depending on the operational tasks at hand.


Learn more about the TCM FHB 4.0 - 5.5 electric counterbalance forklift truck here.


The Specifics: FHB 4.0 - 5.5 Four-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck  

Load capacity ranging from 4,000 KG to 5,500 KG

Truck length ranging from  4,025 mm - 4,190 mm

Load centre ranging from 500 mm - 600 mm

Overall width ranging from 1,370 mm - 1,450 mm

Turning circle radius ranging from 2,289 mm - 2,434 mm

Travel speed with and without load at 18/20 kilometres per hour


The FHB 4.0 - 5.5 electric counterbalance forklift truck has the power and agility to perform any task. It also offers cleaner operations with zero emissions and is built to last making it a great alternative to IC engine trucks.


Discover more about the versatile FHB 2.5 - 3.5 and 4.0 - 5.5 electric counterbalance truck series with your free brochure.


Material handling solutions you can rely on

Each forklift in the TCM electric counterbalance range is equipped with the latest technology and ergonomic features to ensure your operations can be carried out safely, efficiently and comfortably. 


Don’t hinder your operations with the wrong equipment for the job. Introducing our electric counterbalance forklifts to your operations will create and maintain a sustainable and productive environment, one that’s healthy for your operators, your productivity, and the wider business.


Whether it’s identifying your company’s key objectives, exploring the different types of equipment that will maximise productivity, or determining the best financial solution for you, download the warehouse manager’s handbook for handling your material handling needs here.


To find out more, get in touch with us here.


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