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Counterbalance Forklifts

TCM Counterbalance Forklifts


Our Stage V Compliant Diesel and LPG family remains the undisputed leader in clean air engine technology, supporting your drive to reduce emissions in line with the Stage V standard for Non-Road Mobile Machinery with spark/compression ignition engines.  

At the same time, its robust design enables lifting capacities from 1.5 right up to 10.0 tonnes. Continuing our tradition of reliable manufacturing, this forklift range ensures your operators spend more time in the cab and less on the engine. 

From logistics to manufacturing to busy dock environments, the FD/FGE counterbalance forklifts are the solution to your material handling needs. To discover our range of electric counterbalance forklifts click here. 




Access all areas with our innovative FD/FGE 15-35 counterbalance forklift. This model’s smaller, more lightweight design means you can transport loads across areas inaccessible to other, larger counterbalance trucks, so nowhere is off limits.

Electric Icon-01
47 kW
3.5 t
Max Cap
TCM FD25-E2 Side studio (2)




Our innovative FD/FGE 40-55 truck has been designed with flexibility in mind. This 5-tonne counterbalance forklift creates the optimum working environment for every operator, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue during longer shifts.

Electric Icon-01
54 kW
5.5 t
Max Cap
TCM FD25-E2 & FD50 Rear angle studio - no background (1)




If you’re looking for raw power for heavy-duty applications, look no further than the FD 60-100. This 10-tonne counterbalance forklift can handle even the heaviest loads, giving you the reliability and the strength you need to power your operations.

Electric Icon-01
81.3 kW
10.0 t
Max Cap
TCM FD 60-100

TCM Counterbalance Forklifts: Putting your operators first

The vehicles you maintain are certainly one part of the productivity puzzle, but no more so than the people handling them. The decisions your operators make, their reaction times, their skill in the seat, and the environment inside the cab is just as pivotal to a day’s work.

With our Stage V Compliant Diesel and LPG range, you don’t need to choose between prioritising either. An investment into any of the counterbalance forklifts from this line is an investment in manufacturing excellence and your people, bringing together these two pieces of the puzzle to solve productivity across your operations by making even the longest shifts pain-free, the cabs comfortable, and every forklift a pleasure for your people to handle well.

What is Stage V?

EU Stage V (Regulation 2016/1628) is an emissions standard for Non-Road Mobile Machinery with spark/compression ignition engines. Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) includes equipment such as generators, lighting towers, and forklifts, among other things.

Since 31 December 2021, all new non-road mobile machinery, including both diesel and LPG powered vehicles, have been required to comply, regardless of engine size.

New directives can quickly lead to headaches, but Stage V doesn’t have to. Forklifts from this range have been designed from the ground up to comply with Stage V regulations, so you can focus on what matters most — keeping your material handling operations running.

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FD/FGE 40-55 counterbalance forklift

Ergonomics you can’t ignore


Central to this counterbalance forklift’s design is the belief that a comfortable operator is an effective operator. Features include the Grammer seat designed with adjustable forward and back movement, added side support in the back cushion, and an anti-cinch high visibility orange seat belt, creating a comfortable working environment during even the longest shifts.

Fuel efficient

Innovative emissions technologies, including a fuel saver mode that can reduce fuel consumption by almost a fifth, ensures this cool, quiet counterbalance forklift complies with European Stage V emissions regulations while still maintaining unrivalled performance.

Safety first 

Ergonomics isn’t just about comfort. Advanced safety features such as the Operator Presence System (OPS), which provides audible and visual reminders to maximise visibility, help increase operator confidence and alertness throughout the workday while reducing risk. 

Additional safety features include:

Show me the FD/FGE 40-55 specifications


FD/FGE 15-35 counterbalance forklift

More manoeuvrability 


The FD/FGE 15-35 counterbalance forklift’s smaller, less powerful design offers other benefits, namely increased agility. Compared to other counterbalance trucks, this is a distinct advantage in certain environments, specifically those where manoeuvrability is key. Narrow aisles and congested areas, which often present an increased challenge for counterbalance trucks to navigate, can be visited much more easily by this more sleek, streamlined model. 

Emphasising sustainability

If you consider the cost of running per kilometre, LPG wins over diesel. As well as its environmental benefits — LPG produces around 80% less nitrogen dioxide (NO2) than diesel — this makes it an ideal fuel source for these smaller, more agile trucks, which you will typically use to nip around areas inaccessible to other counterbalance trucks.

Show me the FD/FGE 15-35 specifications

FD 60-100-5 counterbalance forklift

Set a new personal best


Capable of transporting loads between 6-10 tons with minimal noise and vibration, the FD 60-100-5 takes to heavy industrial areas like no other. Cross docking, pallet movement, lorry unloading and transport — this forklift has your operations. Covered. As for your operators, the 81kW truck also boasts a spacious cab area with adjustable seat and steering column, allowing the driver to easily stay comfortable, whatever weight they’re lifting.

Hi-spec setup

Even compared to the multiple features supported across our Stage V Compliant Diesel and LPG range, this model stands out for its generous inclusion of options that elevate its handling and operator experience to the highest level.

Multifunction LCD display, lamp kit, backrest, mirrors, and high-quality superelastic tyres are all included as standard. There’s a wide range of customised options that further enhance versatility, while the on-board diagnostics, rapid troubleshooting, and easy servicing means your people will be able to get the most out of their day, every day.

Show me the FD 60-100-5 specifications

Counterbalance Forklift FAQs

Q: What is a counterbalance forklift?

A: A counterbalance forklift is a type of forklift truck that has been specifically designed to lift and transport heavy loads with ease and precision. With its impressive lifting capacity and manoeuvrability, the counterbalance forklift has become an indispensable tool for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and logistics companies. Its ability to efficiently move heavy objects not only saves time and effort but also enhances productivity in the workplace. As a result, this forklift type has become one of the most commonly used in the industry.

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Q: What is the difference between a counterbalance forklift and other forklift types?

A: Unlike other types of forklifts, a counterbalance forklift doesn’t have any outriggers or additional support structures. Instead, it relies on its heavy counterweight located at the rear of the machine to balance the weight of the load being lifted. This unique design allows the forklift to navigate tight spaces and reach high shelves without any obstacles.

Q: What are the disadvantages of a counterbalance forklift? 

A: One major drawback is their limited manoeuvrability compared to other forklift types, especially in tight spaces. Due to the position of the counterweight at the back of the forklift, it can be challenging to navigate through narrow aisles and congested areas. Additionally, the counterweight itself adds to the overall weight of the forklift. Moreover, the rear placement of the counterweight increases the risk of accidents, as it can obstruct the operator's view and make it difficult to judge distances accurately. Despite these drawbacks, counterbalance forklifts remain a popular choice due to their reliability and versatility.

If you’re investing in a counterbalance forklift/fleet for the first time, don’t miss this buyer’s guide to purchasing the right vehicle for your operations

Q: How do you operate a counterbalance forklift?

A: As any operator will tell you, handling a counterbalance forklift requires skill and precision. First, ensure that you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear, including a hard hat and hi-vis (high-visibility) vest. Before starting the forklift, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that all the controls and safety features are in working order. Once inside the forklift, adjust the seat and mirrors for optimum visibility. To start the engine, turn the key and allow it to warm up. Familiarise yourself with the controls, such as the accelerator and brake. When moving the forklift, always keep a clear line of sight and maintain a safe speed. Take extra caution when turning or reversing, as the counterbalance forklift is rear-wheel drive. To lift and transport loads, approach slowly and position the forks carefully before raising them to the desired height. Always make sure the load is balanced and secure before moving.

Q: How do I get a counterbalance forklift licence?

A: A range of courses are available, including novice courses, experienced operator courses, and refresher courses. Each course will take a different amount of time to complete (usually a number of days), at which point you will receive an operating card and your Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS) will be updated to reflect your new certificate

The future of material handling will be lifted up by vehicles designed for people first. The most productive sites will be those where drivers and their forklifts enhance one another, operating efficiently and sustainably to unlock the best in human and machine. The Stage V Compliant Diesel and LPG line of counterbalance forklifts makes way for that future today.

For more details about each of these specific models or the wider Stage V Compliant Diesel and LPG range, you can download a copy of our product brochure by clicking the button below.

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