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Maintaining your forklift fleet


On average, our competitors have around 8,500 parts in their machines. It’s hard to find a manufacturer who can boast about having less than 2,000 components tested exhaustively for superior reliability. We can.


Our tyres have been designed to meet the most challenging requirements in the most demanding environments. Harsh conditions may be a challenge but for TCM trucks, it’s their natural habitat.

Services & Training

If you work on your trades day in, day out, you'll eventually master all of them. That's why TCM works with a trusted dealer network that offers a range of services to suit your needs.


As the owner of one of our products, you're welcome to contact our service department. We offer support and advice for any problems that arise, as well as assistance with servicing and ordering replacement parts.

Fleet Management

Having a handle on your forklift fleet can help to limit or even eradicate unnecessary downtime. Our fleet management service can help to increase your trucks’ longevity and ensure the health and safety of operators.


TCM offers a variety of financing options to ensure you get a solution that meets your business’ needs and budget. By listening to what you want and assessing your requirements, we deliver the ideal solution.