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Order Picker Trucks

TCM order picker trucks: Transforming your fleet with efficiency, precision and safety.

Level up your warehouse fleet with our range of electric order picker trucks that are designed to operate with ease in compact spaces. Boasting efficient vertical movement at a variety of heights due to adjustable forks and platform heights, our trucks get the job done with speed and precision while maximising your warehouse storage capacity.

As a TCM standard, inherent ergonomic design and enhanced safety features optimise operator comfort and safety to boost operational productivity every day.

By leveraging our electric order picker trucks, you can capitalise on software integration, energy efficiency and low running costs for streamlined operations. In turn, you can bring higher productivity and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) to your sustainable fleet.


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The LO-series of order picker trucks combine agile manoeuvrability with user-friendly design and flexibility for a tailored operator experience in first and second-level order picking. Its slender footprint means easy navigation through narrow aisles at a lower energy consumption for a lean performance that doesn’t compromise on safety or productivity.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
2.5 t
Max Cap
Lo order picker (2)




Designed with usability and ergonomics at its core, the EO-series of order picker trucks offers configurable, enclosed cabins for optimal operator comfort. Its impressive reach of up to 12 metres maximises your warehouse storage capacity while not compromising on safety standards for improved overall warehouse efficiency.

Electric Icon
24/48 v
1.25 t
Max Cap
EO order picker
EO order picker

TCM Order Picker Trucks: Level up your performance.

Designed with comfort and safety at their core, TCM order picker lift trucks operate with accuracy and efficiency in compact spaces at varying heights.

The TCM order picker truck series consists of trucks with forward-thinking technology and ergonomic design for an elevated performance. Powered by lead-acid or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, these electric order picker trucks can operate seamlessly with warehouse management systems for efficient communication and a lean workflow.

Our order picker trucks provide you with load capacities up to 2,500 KG at a range of picking heights up to 12,100MM from platform heights of up to 10,500MM. Between our low-level order pickers and medium or high-level order pickers, our trucks have been designed for varying heights and applications to tailor your fleet to your operational needs. 

Safety first

Equipped with standardised safety features on all models, our order picker lift trucks ensure optimal warehouse and operator safety. Powered by leading battery technology, these electric order picker trucks provide additional operator-assist safety features for ease of navigation without collision risks.

Certify comfort

At TCM, comfort is at the heart of our design process. While the ergonomic design reduces operator injury and fatigue, the adjustable features and controls are strategically positioned across our order picker lift trucks to increase accessibility — promoting productivity and in turn reducing your total cost of ownership.

Enhance efficiency

Built with advanced electric motors for precision, our ergonomic order picker trucks access varying warehouse heights with ease and efficiency. Boasting energy savings, reduced maintenance and fuel costs, and opportunities for sustainability incentives, electric order pickers can enhance your operational efficiency from top to bottom.

Download this guide to explore opportunities to reduce your overall TCO and boost the performance and profitability of your fleet.


Low-Level Order Picker Truck

Lo order picker (2)-1

At TCM, we understand the labour-intensive nature of order picking. Our LO-series of order picker trucks are designed to enable the operator to carry out their job as efficiently and safely as possible - boosting productivity and cutting costs.

Operators are the beating heart of every operation and as such, we invest in making their experience comfortable and safe, and therefore more efficient. With triple suspension and ergonomic controls, backrest and footrest, the LO-series order picker lift truck ensures operators can comfortably drive the truck over long distances with reduced risk of strain or injury.

With a range of order picker applications, trucks need to be customisable. Our order pickers contain progressive technology and software including a sensitive drive system to mould the truck around your operator for a personalised, safe and consistent performance. With a powerful drive motor for optimal traction and adjustable acceleration up to 13 km/h, these electric order picker trucks provide a smooth, controlled operation. For consistent performance across acceleration and deceleration, the order picker truck’s regenerative braking ensures minimal brake wear for operator control and an energy-efficient drive on any surface. 

Efficiency powers these order picker lift trucks. With a Li-ion battery at its core, these trucks provide easy maintenance and software integration for seamless, efficient operations. Meanwhile, different steering modes further the truck’s efficiency by enabling walk-by-side picking and shortened acceleration time for maximum picking productivity at heights of up to 2600 mm.

At TCM, we understand efficiency is only as important as the safety of your operations. With a width of 800 mm and small turning circles, advanced electric steering and a 10-degree safety angle, our robust LO-series order picker trucks are fully equipped to manoeuvre safely and precisely at various speeds. Eliminating the common trip hazard from a dead man’s switch, these trucks have built-in operator presence sensors across the whole floor so operators can move with ease at platform heights of up to 1000 mm. 

Easy-entry forks offer seamless pallet entry for increased efficiency while ultra-smooth load rest enables maximum load support for capacities up to 2000 KG with reduced risk.

A fearless fusion of precision, efficiency and safety

14% more efficient than its closest competitor

Intelligent curve control for automatic speed adjustment

ECO mode for up to 20% longer shifts and PRO mode for intense operations

Li-ion battery provides 25% extra battery time 

100-degree steering angle with 10-degree safety angle

Next generation Xcontrol steering wheel


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Medium & High-Level Order Picker Truck

EO order picker (1)-1

Designed with the same safety, precision and efficiency as the LO-series, the EO-series prioritises usability and ergonomics for those hard-to-reach applications. With platform heights up to 10500 mm and a maximum picking height of 12100 mm, the EO-series of order picker trucks maximises your warehouse storage capacity – keeping both your operational efficiency and safety standards high. 

We know the operator is key for efficient warehouse operations, and order picking is no exception. That’s why our EO-series is designed to enable the operator to carry out their job safely and comfortably for maximum productivity, reducing your TCO.

With premium safety features including pro-vision mast for optimal visibility and warning lights expertly positioned for safety without distraction, these order picker trucks place operator and warehouse safety at the forefront of material handling. The EO-series has additional safety measures in place such as driver presence check to adjust speeds and driving functions automatically, and a wrap-around bumper to reduce any damage upon impact.

Like with the LO-series, the EO-series of order picker lift trucks have replaced the dead-man’s foot switch with smart floor sensors to reduce trip hazards and optimise operator comfort and safety. Comfort is key so these trucks provide a spacious cabin with adjustable controls for a more productive space while a low step-height and comfort rail reduce operator strain.

At TCM, we have a rich history of providing quality trucks that are adaptable to unique working applications. The operator cabin of the EO-series is fully configurable with features like scanners and label printers to suit your application needs. Further customising our EO-series order picker trucks with features like individual driver PIN codes and different performance modes help to optimise operator shifts and boost productivity. 

Combined with an efficient battery exchange and an ECO mode that saves around 6% on running costs, this range of order picker trucks provides consistency and efficiencies for loads up to 1250 KG.

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Designed with efficiency, precision and safety to manoeuvre in compact spaces at various heights, our electric order picker trucks get the job done with ease while optimising your warehouse capacity. Combining premium ergonomics with energy efficiency for a comfortable driving experience and lean operations, these order picker trucks will level up your productivity and reduce your overall TCO.

Download our order picker truck brochure to explore how our trucks can enhance your operations from top to bottom.


Q: What is an order picker truck?

Often referred to as order selectors, warehouse selectors or stock pickers, order pickers are machines that facilitate operators to stack, transport or transfer warehouse items at low, medium or high levels.  

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Q: What is the difference between a reach truck and an order picker truck?

With both trucks retrieving warehouse items, a key difference is that the operator in an order picker truck goes up to the level to manually select items, whereas operators in reach trucks stay on the ground and transport loads from warehouse racks mechanically. While order pickers are compact and agile to operate easily in tight spaces, reach trucks are designed with a longer wheelbase and extended forks to access items in wider aisles that are further away.

Q: What is a narrow aisle forklift truck?

Being more productive with less space is increasingly important in material handling. Narrow aisle forklift trucks are engineered with tighter turning circles and a slim fit to manoeuvre efficiently in narrow spaces and increase warehouse storage capacity. 

Q: What is the difference between a forklift and an order picker truck?

While the two trucks share similarities, they differ in purpose. Order pickers are typically used for moving singular orders or warehouse items whereby a platform enables operators to easily access inventory. Meanwhile, operators stay in the cabin on the ground in forklifts and primarily use a forked attachment at the front of the vehicle to lift multiple items at heavier loads. 

Q: What is an electric order picker truck?

Powered by electric batteries and forward-thinking technology, electric order picker trucks address the notoriously labour-intensive order picking with efficiency, precision and reduced physical strain. They come with advanced capabilities and greater reach heights for effective operations that cut costs and time. 

Q: Why choose an electric order picker truck?

Advanced electric motors in electric order picker trucks provide agile manoeuvrability at various heights so operators can easily reach items, reducing physical strain and saving time. They are ergonomically designed with adjustable safety features to minimise injury and fatigue, increasing productivity of your operations. Also, they can blend seamlessly with warehouse software and management systems for more efficient communication between the moving parts of your operation. Combined with lower energy costs, a longer lifespan and opportunities for sustainability grants, electric order picker trucks can significantly reduce your costs and maximise TCO.