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always evolving


Always evolving

At TCM we listen to our customers and evolve with them, delivering innovative products and solutions through our trusted dealer network. Learn more about our commitment to innovation and how we apply it to everything from reducing accidents to managing training here.

Health & Safety

TCM are committed to the safety of all operators and offer a variety of solutions that put this into practice. By putting safety first, we help to limit or even eradicate unnecessary downtime.

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions are well worth the investment if you utilise the data. The benefits include getting a handle on your fleet operations, ensuring forklift safety, and regaining efficiencies.

Legislation & Regulations

Regulations can significantly impact upon your fleet, so it's vital that you're up to speed on legislation. This ensures your business remains compliant and adheres to the guidelines.


All products have an impact on the environment throughout their entire life cycle. We are committed to limiting ours at every stage, from design all the way through to production.


Choosing the right battery for your forklifts can be tricky as there are many different types on the market to suit a variety of applications. At TCM we help you discover which battery system is right for you.


We understand that calculating the total cost of ownership for your forklifts can be a challenge. Usage data can help to alleviate this and enable your business to make more informed calculations on TCO.


All of our trucks have been ergonomically designed so that every operator can use the machines without strain, reducing fatigue and therefore maximising their output. We remain committed to innovation in the interest of operator comfort.


TCM has a solid foundation in the earliest designs of forklifts and continues to innovate and change as technologies advance. With global reach and resources, TCM remains a leading brand in material handling.




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