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Reach Trucks


TCM Reach Trucks: Redefining the Concept of Efficiency

Specifically designed to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient technology in daily operation, TCM’s reach trucks have been developed to meet the most challenging requirements in the demanding material handling environments we see today.

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TCM Reach Trucks: Redefining the Concept of Efficiency.


Specifically designed to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient technology in daily operation, TCM’s reach trucks have been developed to meet the most challenging requirements in the demanding material handling environments we see today.

At the core of our forklift truck design are safety, efficiency, and comfort.


Standardising safety features on our trucks leads to safe and secure working environments with fewer accidents.


Creating efficiencies by utilising new technology and ergonomic design enables us to provide industry-leading performance.


The features on our trucks are developed with the operator in mind, increasing comfort which aids productivity and minimises your total cost of operation (TCO).

Download this comprehensive guide to discover the key areas you must evaluate to reduce your TCO and improve the profitability of your forklift fleet.

Read on to explore our full range of reach trucks.


Narrow Chassis Reach Truck

A powerful, narrow-chassis heavy-duty reach truck.

TCM's new generation of narrow-chassis heavy-duty reach trucks brings your warehouse efficiency to the highest level. Designed entirely around the operator, these trucks provide world-class ergonomics and comfort and will adapt to your needs and future-proof your operations.

The TCM RTN and RTL are universal reach trucks that can perform almost any heavy-duty 24/7 material handling task, particularly for those requiring a smaller footprint. From ergonomics to performance, everything about the TCM reach truck is about productivity.

Adorned with TCM's unique mini steering wheel with floating armrest, the multi-adaptable operator's environment, intuitive controls, and a tilting seat, the operator is in full control, with improved visibility, and maximum safety, efficiency and comfort whilst utilising the vehicle. 

An intelligent combination of speed and power

A powerful 48V AC motor

Default maximum speed of 12.5 km/h

Top speed of 13 km/h with a high-powered option allowing a speed of up to 14.5 km/h

Truck computer for customisable driving skills

ASR (Active Spin Reduction)

LAS (Level Assistance System)

This reach truck offers a high-precision mast design with soft stop technology and a fully damped reach system which contributes to supreme stability in all conditions, with a mast tilt and intuitive lift controls that further facilitate loading and stacking at all heights. The hands-free direction control uses the accelerator for change of travel direction, allowing the operator to use the right hand for operating up to three hydraulic functions simultaneously.RTL_a_Yellow-opt
With additional innovative features such as the ErgoLogic operator interface, Fast Track battery change system, load wheel brakes, and cold store cabin, the RTL and RTN is the perfect vehicle for carrying out your heavy-duty material handling tasks.

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New Generation Reach Truck

A new generation heavy-duty reach truck

The TCM RTM, RTH, and RTX are new-generation universal reach trucks that can perform almost any heavy-duty task. The versatile RTM will perform effortlessly in your highly intensive operations and is perfect for internal transport and stacking up to 2,000 kg. For even tougher tasks, with a lift height of up to 11.5 metres or loads up to 2,500 kg, the robust RTH is the best choice. 

If your operations include hi-rack warehousing up to 12.1 metres, you'll find an excellent partner in the extremely stable and high-stacking RTX. Each model is able to perform excellently in almost any environment, including cold stores. 

The intelligent design of the RTM, RTH and RTX enables the operator to achieve maximum control, safety and efficiency via intuitive controls and the mini steering wheel with a floating armrest which is unique to TCM.


Contributing to supreme stability in all conditions

High-precision mast design

Soft stop technology

Fully damped reach system

Mast tilt

Cold store cabin

Hands-free direction control

Load wheel brakes

Embedded video camera

Tilting seat


The powerful 48V AC motor provides excellent performance. To maximise productivity and safety, TCM's Truck Computer ATC3 allows the reach truck to be customised to each operator's driving skills. By default, the maximum speed is 12.5 km/h, and a high-powered option gives the truck a top speed of 14.5 km/h, making the RTM – along with the RTL and RTN – one of the world's fastest reach trucks on the market.RTM_RTH


These models come with a wide range of innovative extra equipment such as ASR (Active Spin Reduction), LAS (Level Assistance System), an ErgoLogic operator interface, and a Fast Track battery change system.

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Four-Way Directional Reach Truck

A powerful multi-directional reach truck

The RTF offers flexible handling of long and bulky goods or pallet loads. With superior ergonomics and comfort, the RTF multi-directional reach truck can be driven in all directions with precision, with a lifting height of up to 9.7 m and an aisle width that can be cut to 2.3 – 3 metres. 

The reach truck’s top speed is 13 km/h and with high battery capacity and superior acceleration, the truck can be driven intensively with maximum efficiency. Excellent, all-around visibility is key when manoeuvring around the aisles of a busy warehouse. The RTF provides the operator with enhanced visibility via the ProVision design with an angled frame in the overhead guard, a clear-view mast and a high seating position. RTF tcm reach truck

Similar to its reach truck counterparts, the RTF features the unique TCM mini steering wheel and an 18° adjustable tilting seat that minimises strain during long shifts, with a spacious cabin designed entirely around the operator.

The hands-free direction control uses the accelerator for change of travel direction allowing the operator to use the right hand for operating up to three hydraulic functions simultaneously.

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Man-Down VNA

A highly manoeuvrable reach truck 

The RTS truck is our solution to the problems created by narrow-aisle design in modern warehouses. Its slim profile and rotating forks allow operators to manoeuvre fully in very tight environments and it is the perfect truck when working alongside our high-level order picker range. It enjoys the smallest transfer aisle in the industry – 3.7 m – and is able to lift to a full 10.3 m.

When used with guided aisle systems – either floor-mounted rails or under-floor wire – operators can concentrate entirely on stacking. Loads can be raised as soon as the truck is in the aisle, and performance gains from the diagonal lift and travel are typically 15-20% faster than free-range trucks.

Optional extras include a storage height pre-selector and a camera monitoring system that further enhances efficiency and visibility, as well as a unique cold-store option that provides the most robust cold-store cabin in the industry, providing complete driver protection and insulation in temperatures down to minus 30C.

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Reach the Range

Our reach truck family


The TCM reach truck series offers vehicles with high-quality components combined with industry-leading operator ergonomics and truck performance. The reach truck series fits perfectly in the TCM family of high-value warehouse and counterbalance trucks and utilises both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology for enhanced performance, safety, and sustainability. 

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The reach truck series range provides customers with trucks that have an impressive load capacity of 1.2 to 2.5 tons, each with a wide variety of masts that can reach lifting heights up to 12.1 metres while keeping optimal load capacities.

Additionally, options like drive-in racking and rail guidance allow you to tailor the truck to your specific application.

range of tcm reach trucks









Reach out for perfect comfort

Together with our customers, the TCM reach truck series has been fine-tuned in the toughest applications. As a result, our reach trucks offer industry-leading ergonomically designed operator positions for maximum comfort and safety.
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In the world of material handling, operator safety, comfort, and efficiency are essential in order to maintain a productive, error-free environment that works to lower your TCO and improve uptime. Everything from the ergonomic design to the intuitive features make the TCM reach truck series a sustainable investment, both environmentally and in terms of lifetime value.

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