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Material Handling Insights

Aug 22, 2022 11:12:00 AM // 6 min read

What Is An Order Picker Forklift?

By Marcus Turner
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The fast-paced modern warehouse calls for efficiency and productivity. To meet these needs and streamline supply chains, businesses are adopting innovative solutions like electric order pickers that transform the way materials are recovered and distributed in the warehouse - towards more sustainable material handling

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Order picker forklifts are integral to many material handling operations, which is why most warehouses utilise some kind of order picking application. But what is an order picker forklift and how can businesses incorporate them into their operations?

If you’re new to the warehouse scene, or you’ve heard the term order picker forklift (often referred to as stock pickers, order selectors, or warehouse selectors), you’ve come to the right place. This article explores what order pickers are, how they can be used, and how order pickers can optimise your warehouse operations.TCM order pickers

What are order pickers forklifts in warehousing?

Robust yet flexible, order pickers are machines that enable operators to pick individual items in a warehouse at low, medium or high levels. Created to thrive in compact spaces, they’re highly manoeuvrable and can be used for stacking, transporting or transferring items such as pallets, trolleys, or roll cages before being distributed to various stores.

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What levels can order picker forklifts reach?

There are several types of order picker forklifts on the market, starting with low-level order pickers. These typically work on the ground, with the option to have a platform elevation height of 1000mm to reach the first level above. 

TCM Order picker image

At TCM, our low-level order pickers provide flexibility and a user-friendly design. The option for rapid acceleration with gentle breaking makes it perfect for moving meticulously between picking stations. Highly safe and with excellent ergonomics, our low-lifter series makes for a comfortable, precise, and highly-manoeuvrable machine to have in your warehouse.

Click here to access the specifications of our six low-level order pickers.

The other main options are the medium and high-level order pickers. These order picker forklifts are designed with usability and ergonomics at their core. The impressive reach of these machines enables operators to maximise the use of their available warehouse space whilst maintaining high standards of safety. By optimising warehouse storage capacity, this reduces the need for any additional storage and therefore reduces overall material handling costs.

Forklift truck order picker tcm

At TCM, our medium and high-level order pickers in the EO series offer a platform and enclosed cab that rises up as high as the operator needs - up to 11 metres. Medium and high-level order pickers are typically used in larger warehouses where companies have a high proportion of stock-keeping units and need to pick across the face of the racking.

Female forklift operator in warehouse order picker

Click here to access the specifications of our three medium and high-level order pickers.

Electric order picker forklifts for the modern warehouse

At TCM, our order pickers use lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries for increased operational efficiency. 

What’s more, investing in electric vehicles presents the opportunity for seamless integration with your warehouse software. Our order picker forklifts integrate with warehouse management systems and software solutions to optimise communication between the machinery, operators, and systems. By facilitating communication in this way, you can streamline your task workflow and speed up order processing - resulting in reduced downtime and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

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TCM electric order pickers

Not only do electric order picker forklifts boast operational efficiency, our forklifts are designed with features like operator presence sensors and speed controls for a safe driving experience that minimises accidents and any associated downtime and costs. Prioritising safety extends beyond this with cushioned mast mounts and advanced load stabilisation software to handle items delicately to minimise any damage during operations. This can help you to retain customer satisfaction in the long term and avoid any replacement costs.


Completing tasks with efficiency, precision and optimal safety, electric order picker forklifts are the perfect tool for a range of applications.

Download your free brochure today to discover how TCM’s order pickers can support your business operations and provide you with a better return on investment.

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