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Material Handling Insights

Apr 11, 2024 11:00:00 AM // 6 min read

4 Ways Our Electric Trucks Ensure Forklift Safety for Fleet Efficiency

By Marcus Turner
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One of TCM's Electric Counterbalance forklift trucks

At TCM, we know that safety, comfort and efficiency are paramount to ensure your material handling operations run smoothly. 

That's why our electric counterbalance forklift range has been designed with forklift safety at its core to enhance the operator experience and optimise warehouse performance. Read on to discover the key electric forklift safety features that are ensuring the transformation of warehouse operations.

Download your free copy of our FB/FTB electric counterbalance forklift series brochure to discover an agile, intelligent, durable machine with advanced features and applications to suit your needs.

Optimise forklift safety with a stability support system

Our electric three and four-wheel counterbalance forklift trucks feature an integrated stability support system. Built directly into these counterbalance forklifts, the stability support system offers: 

Curve control, calculating and adjusting operator speeds according to the steering angle

TCM FHB Curve control forklift

A simulated differential lock to maximise the truck’s grip on slippery surfaces

Adjustable tilt and lift speeds

These features keep the mast, fork and travel movements smooth in numerous situations and environments, minimising any delays or instability due to swaying, boosting performance, and increasing forklift safety.

Versatile electric counterbalance forklifts can support your business operations both now and in the future. Download your free brochure to explore the 2.5-5.5 tonne FHB electric counterbalance forklift.

Our counterbalance forklift trucks have also been fitted with new and improved flat bar overhead guards, which have been reprofiled to ensure the driver can get on and off the truck quickly and easily. The overhead guards protect the vehicle’s front and rear LEDs and the automatic reversing light for maximum forklift safety.

In addition to this, the non-slip step used by operators to mount the truck is one of the lowest available on the market. This enhances operator comfort and reduces the risk of injury during their shift.

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Greater visibility for accurate positioning and forklift safety

Visibility is crucial to preventing forklift accidents and ultimately ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Our counterbalance forklift trucks are engineered with the operator in mind to ensure visibility is maximised around the vehicle.

Greater visibility for accurate positioning and forklift safety

We have engineered our overhead guards to be strong enough to withstand heavy loads and protect the operator whilst ensuring the counterbalance forklift’s chassis is narrow enough to manoeuvre warehouse aisles.

In this free brochure, we lay out the key features and benefits of the 4.0-5.5 tonne FHB electric counterbalance forklift. Get your free copy today.

Designing the counterbalance forklifts in a way that keeps bulkiness to a minimum ensures that the vehicles can be seen by warehouse pedestrians, enabling them to identify any possible dangers.

E48 OPTIONS - Plexi roof-2

Plexi transparent roof on FB_FTB14-20(L)-E3

As the electric counterbalance forklifts have been designed in a way that optimises forklift safety, high visibility is key:

The roofs of our counterbalance forklift trucks are transparent

The newly designed mast has been engineered with greater visibility in mind

The narrow, inclined dashboard enhances an operator’s ability to see in front, down and beside them at all times

An easy-to-read colour display keeps drivers fully informed, and visibility is further enriched so that drivers can easily see their loads, racking, and any obstacles in the area, allowing for accurate positioning of the forks and the truck itself

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Minimise obstructions and maximise forklift safety

A unique feature of our electric counterbalance trucks is the front panel, which has been purposefully engineered to be lower. This ensures the operator can see in front of them entirely, without obstruction for enhanced forklift safety.

FHB TCM electric counterbalance truck side

FHB TCM electric counterbalance truck

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The trucks are also fitted with a low instrument panel and transparent panel to increase fork-root visibility. These forklift safety features work to significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

From ensuring operator comfort, safety and productivity to curating a fleet fit for the future, we’re on hand to provide tailored solutions and support. Download our Warehouse Managers Handbook today to enhance your fleet for your material handling needs.

Stabilise forklift safety with a responsive weight indicator

The FB Electric 3-4 Wheel Counterbalance truck’s stability support system includes a weight indicator, which ensures forklift safety by compensating for the truck’s speed and optimising stability in response to driver behaviour.

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Since the responsive weight indicator can identify how much weight is on the counterbalance forklift, it will limit the speed and acceleration if the load is making the truck unstable.

This forklift safety feature lets the operator know when they should be taking extra care while driving, maximising the safety of the operator, the truck, its loads, and those in the surrounding environment.

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Partnering towards a safe and sustainable fleet

Our electric counterbalance forklift range has a range of advanced, responsive forklift safety features for maximum comfort, visibility and accuracy of operations. Optimising the safety of your fleet helps to reduce downtime associated with warehouse accidents and can boost productivity for operational efficiency.

At TCM, we understand that safety is paramount. That’s why we take a consultative approach to gain a deep understanding of your operations, processes and workforce. This enables us to deliver a tailored forklift solution for your business needs that combines safety, comfort and efficiency to achieve your goals and reduce your TCO.

Building a future-proof fleet that maximises productivity, operator comfort and forklift safety can be difficult to navigate. Download our free guide ‘The Warehouse Manager’s Handbook and jump-start your journey towards tailored forklift solutions that align with your operational needs.

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