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Material Handling Insights

May 29, 2024 4:13:51 PM // 7 min read

Back to Basics: Explore Efficient Material Handling with TCM Lite Range

By Marcus Turner
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Small electric stackers, pallet trucks and order pickersIf you’re just starting out in material handling or running smaller, low-intensity operations, we believe you should have the same access to quality equipment at a competitive price. At TCM, we’ve got a cost-effective solution to cover all your base requirements without compromising on quality or design.

Introducing the TCM Lite Range

TCM Lite range

Covering your needs without compromise

Boasting the same quality and ergonomic design as our core range, the TCM Lite Range ensures your operations run efficiently at significantly lower costs - without compromising on quality. The range consists of off-the-shelf products that are easily accessible, meaning they integrate effortlessly into your operations with minimal downtime. 

As well as providing a consistent standard of product quality, we also offer a comparable level of support and warranty as with our core range to ensure you are fully covered.

Back to basics

Compared to our core range with extensive specification and high tech, our Lite Range adopts a no-frills approach for intuitive machinery that is perfect for light and low intensity operations.

For more demanding and intense applications where you need machinery to operate at higher speeds and with greater capacities, head over to our core range of products to find the best fit for your business.

Simple yet sustainable

Using simple components and stripping away all additional extras, the Lite Range provides you with minimalist equipment to get the job done while reducing waste and maintenance needs for a leaner, greener fleet.

The efficiency doesn’t stop there. With all products in the Lite Range powered by lithium-ion batteries, they can be plugged in wherever you want for optimal convenience. What’s more, they can be recharged at a faster rate than other commercial battery types, use opportunity charging across multiple shifts and have a longer overall battery life. Although more expensive upfront, lithium-ion is the most economical battery type, using 30% less energy that contributes towards reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) and a more sustainable fleet.

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Operator ease and comfort

With no added gadgets or high tech in the core product design, the machinery in this range is highly intuitive to fit seamlessly into your operations: from delivery to application. As a result, they require minimal operator training which helps to reduce downtime towards more efficient operations.  

Designed with the same innovation and ergonomics as our standard range, you can be sure you’re getting the same comfort to protect operator health and maximise efficiency. 

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The TCM Lite Range: Products

Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck (PWL15-20E-Q1)

Ped pellet truck-1

With an all-metal cover and integrated rocker arm, this pallet truck is built for durability, stability and strength with a load capacity of 1500 KG and 2000 KG. What’s more, its small dimensions and innovative braking make for efficient and agile manoeuvring. Powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with fast charging and a battery exchange of 10 seconds, this truck significantly reduces operational downtime.

Compact Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck (PWL18-Q1)

Compact Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck (PWL20-Q1)

With the same design and benefits as the PWL20-Q1 compact pedestrian pallet truck, this truck has an additional feature of an optional internal charger that enables on-demand charging to further reduce downtime.

Compact Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck PWL20-Q1

Compact Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck (PWL20-Q1)

With a robust frame, side castor wheels and low maintenance AC drive motor, the truck is simple to run and provides stability and durability at a load capacity of 2000KG. The high power, long-lasting lithium-ion battery reduces downtime and can be charged externally for continual use while a battery heating system enables operating temperatures down to 1°C. Accurate fork tips and regenerative braking systems are some of the features that ensure operator control while the ergonomic design maximises operator comfort.

Pedestrian Pallet Truck with Rider Platform (PPL20-Q1)

Ped pallet truck with logo-1

With a robust frame and low-maintenance AC drive motor, this pallet truck is designed for stability and durability for up to a 2000 KG load. Powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, it reduces downtime for maximum efficiency and its heating system enables it to operate in colder temperatures of 1°C. Designed with accurate functioning features and an innovative braking system ensures operational safety while ergonomic engineering helps to reduce strain for ultimate comfort.

Compact Pedestrian Stacker with Double Pallet Handling (PSL12E-Q1)

Compact ped stacker-1

With a robust yet compact frame, this pedestrian stacker provides agile manoeuvrability for a load capacity of 1200 KG. The low maintenance AC motor makes double pallet handling simple for lift heights of up to 1.6M and 1.95M. Powered by a high-capacity 24V lithium-ion battery with fast charging and an integrated charger for on-demand charging, it reduces operational downtime. An ergonomic design makes for a strain-free operation and maximum operator comfort while the electromagnetic braking system and high visibility ensures the operator is in control.

Compact Pedestrian Stacker with Double Pallet Handling (PSL12I-Q1)

Stacker double handling-1

With the same design and benefits as the PSL12E I -Q1 stacker above, this stacker provides agile manoeuvrability at a load capacity of 1200KG and duplex mast for excellent visibility at four lift heights up to 3.3M.

Mini Order Picker (OPM015-Q1)


Built with a low-maintenance AC drive motor and a footprint of just 750mm, this order picker boasts stability and safety at a lift height of 3 metres. Operator safety and control is optimised with adjustable features, sensors and high visibility. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this order picker provides high capacity and high power for simple, efficient, cost-effective operations. Order picker-1

Sit-on Tow Tractor (TTS30-60-Q1)

Sit on tractor (1)-1

With a robust frame and low maintenance AC motor with an iP65 AC controller, this tow tractor is designed for performance and durability with minimal service interruption. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery is fast charging to reduce downtime and its heating system enables operations to take place at 1°C. Operating at 3000 KG and 6000 KG load capacity, adjustable features and sensors ensure operator safety while surrounding LED lights increase visibility.

Enjoy quality engineering, significant savings and greater sustainability with our streamlined Lite Range that’s easy to use and easy to maintain for your basic needs and operations.

Speak with your local dealer today to explore how we can support your business with simplified, cost-effective solutions that maximise operational efficiency without compromising on quality.

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