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Material Handling Insights

May 14, 2024 10:59:12 AM // 6 min read

Powering ÖSTU-Szczecin’s fleet with a 10-tonne, diesel forklift truck

By Marcus Turner
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Powering ÖSTU-Szczecin’s fleet with a 10-tonne, diesel forklift truck

Across applications, material handling equipment must be consistently strong, safe and sustainable.

Dedicated to innovating with a focus on sustainability, ÖSTU-Szczecin needed forklift trucks that were robust and easy to use. Explore how TCM dealer SKS Gabelstapler GmbH (SKS) transformed the safety and ease of operations in construction with TCM’s powerful 10-tonne diesel forklift.

Digging deeper with diesel

Founded in 1911, ÖSTU-Szczecin is an Austrian construction company with over 100 years experience in underground and building construction worldwide As part of the HABAU GROUP and with over 500 employees worldwide, ÖSTU-Szczecin provides expert solutions in various fields from civil engineering to general contracting and steel.

Rudolf Ofner, ÖSTU-Szczecin’s foreman at their headquarters in Leoben, understood the company’s need for a new forklift that was strong, manoeuvrable and easy to operate in tunnel construction. Having had difficulty finding a practical, versatile forklift truck without electronic bells and whistles, ÖSTU-Szczecin partnered with TCM dealer SKS to leverage their expertise and find the perfect solution.

SKS Gabelstapler GmbH is a recognised TCM dealer with local branches in Neukirchen bei Lambach and Brunn am Gebirge. It offers a complete range of forklifts including counterbalance forklifts, warehouse trucks, sideways and multidirectional trucks. With 28 service technicians working from the two local branches, SKS could offer ÖSTU-Szczecin rapid response times to cover any training services or specific needs. Combining speed of customer service with a dedication to building long-term partnerships, SKS was the best fit for the company. 

“We attach great importance to providing quality advice and service for long-term business partnerships” Gernot Mannheim, SKS

After studying ÖSTU-Szczecin’s business and its needs, SKS proposed a diesel-engine forklift truck to tackle the demanding construction conditions.

Powering ÖSTU-Szczecin’s fleet with a 10-tonne, diesel forklift truck

A reliable result

At TCM, we understand the importance of providing robust, reliable material handling equipment that is fit for purpose. 

As part of the MLE Group, the world’s fourth-largest forklift manufacturer with production facilities in Japan, Finland and Spain, TCM has represented durable forklifts that promote safety and comfort for over 60 years. Reliability was a key factor in ÖSTU-Szczecin’s purchasing decision. Combining this with high quality machines and unparalleled customer service, SKS instilled confidence that TCM was the right, profitable solution for this application:

“A TCM machine runs reliably and doesn’t stand still - it will bring profit” Gernot Mannheim, SKS

Offering versatility, power and ease of use, SKS proposed the TCM FD100-5 forklift truck.

Promoting power and versatility

Internal combustion engine forklift trucks are a powerful solution. The low purchase price and associated maintenance also makes these trucks very economical and easy to operate - reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Download our free guide: Reducing the TCO of Your Forklift Fleet to explore key areas of your fleet where you can promote profitability.

The high torque in diesel engine forklift trucks enable them to generate unmatched power in operations. With this comes a higher load capacity and efficient driving on inclines - ideal for construction work. What’s more, the performance of diesel engine forklift trucks is unwavering when exposed to wet, dusty or dirty conditions. Their robust design makes them ideal for more challenging environments.

With a lift capacity of up to 10 tonnes and powered by an efficient, high-performance 81KW Kubota diesel engine, this powerhouse TCM FD100-5 forklift truck was the key to unlocking economical and safe operations in tough construction conditions. 

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Surpassing safety and sustainability standards

With Europe introducing Stage V emission standards in 2019 for non-road diesel engines, ÖSTU-Szczecin needed to ensure the new forklift was fully compliant. At TCM, all of our engine counterbalance range, both diesel and gas-based, are Stage V compliant. They also leverage clean air engine technology to support your business in reducing emissions towards a more sustainable fleet. 

The FD100-5 is no exception and includes an electronically controlled combustion system, a common-rail injection and turbocharging with an intercooler.

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What’s more, an independently adjustable fork positioner attachment meant ÖSTU-Szczecin could move tunnel formwork with an off-centre centre of gravity. Combining this with a 10-tonne load capacity, the forklift ensured maximum safety of operations for the company.

“Then you can simply adjust the fork and still safely transport a 10-metre-wide load of several tonnes off-centre – because the TCM forklift truck is strong enough with its 10 tonnes of lifting capacity"  Rudolf Ofner, ÖSTU-Szczecin

Customisable for ease and comfort of operations

Despite having various features, all of the operators at ÖSTU-Szczecin found the trucks intuitive to use so they could get to work right away, causing less disruption to operations and productivity.

“Any of my team can handle the forklift without a thick manual for the electronics. It's very easy to use, very robust, which is exactly what we wanted." Rudolf Ofner, ÖSTU-Szczecin

With a spacious cabin and adjustable features, the truck provides a tailored, comfortable operator experience over long shifts for optimal productivity. More customisable features like a floating function and large-area glazing ensure the operators have 360-degree visibility for maximum safety and productivity when working in harsh environments and darker conditions.

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FD Diesel Counterbalance truck

Collaborating to construct your premium fleet

Working with TCM, SKS has successfully transformed ÖSTU-Szczecin’s operations with a diesel-powered forklift truck that brings raw power, safety and ease to daily construction work. Compliant with Europe’s Stage V exhaust emission standards and with clean air engine technology, integrating the FD100-5 forklift truck into its fleet has reinforced its commitment to sustainability through reduced emissions.

As the material handling industry continues to evolve, we can help you to ensure you are choosing the best truck for your application and goals. With optimal reliability and robust design, engine-powered forklift trucks can safely drive you to achieve power and sustainability in heavy-duty applications.

Choose a safer, more efficient future and speak with your local dealer to explore how we can support your business with intuitive solutions for a sustainable fleet.