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Material Handling Insights

Sep 10, 2018 9:15:00 AM // 4 min read

The Benefits Of Managed Forklift Fleet Services

By Graham Jones
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We frequently discuss fleet management with our customers — but is it worth the extra expense? Read on to discover why managed fleet services are a worthy investment.


Fleet management provides your business with greater control across your entire operation, boasting a whole host of benefits including reduced material handling costs, greater visibility, improved efficiency, and a reduced risk of accidents.

The impact of the above benefits on your operation can significantly improve profitability and reduce TCO across your business.

When considering implementing managed fleet services, there are three key areas your business should focus on when seeking to enhance your forklift fleet operation:

Gaining full truck control improves operator safety

Being fully in control of your forklift fleet can drastically improve operator safety. By implementing managed fleet services, your business can effectively monitor your fleet to reduce the risk of accidents.

With features including access control, you can provide endless reports and perform a variety of safety functions including mandatory pre-operational checks. Gaining these insights can prove to be invaluable for your business, as it enables you to make iterative improvements that enhance operator safety and efficiency.

You can choose either a basic operating system or a more sophisticated solution, designed specifically for TCM trucks and fitted by your local dealer. 

Shock reporting helps to mitigate the effects of an impact

Today we can measure the size of an impact, when it occurred, and who was on the truck when it happened. It’s even possible to enforce a remote shutdown of the truck, if necessary.

The ability to be notified of damage remotely prevents further unnecessary damage from occurring due to unreported or late-reported incidents. Having greater visibility on forklift truck impacts by utilising fleet management analytics makes it easier to schedule in servicing and maintenance as required. This ultimately reduces the likelihood of a truck going down and interrupting the production line.

To find out more about impact detection and how it can improve safety and efficiency in your business, speak to your local dealer today.

Battery management is crucial for maximising uptime

Incorrect charging procedures can also cause electric trucks to fail, creating unforeseen downtime and increased costs. Today, we can closely monitor batteries and provide the data required to regain efficiencies and reduce TCO. 

Remotely we can see the state of change, how the battery is performing, the batteries available to charge, and when the battery needs maintenance.

By implementing a smart charging schedule, for example by utilising operator tea and lunch breaks, your business can ensure a smooth operation. This helps to ensure maximum uptime, enhancing your operation’s efficiency.

Managed fleet services: the key to unlocking potential

How you utilise your data is crucial in understanding how your business can unlock its true potential.

If you are paying for fleet management, your local dealer will be keen to help you understand the data you are gathering. They are also likely to have unique insights they can share that they have gathered from previous customers. This will also help to improve your operation.

Fleet management companies and the company you have purchased your forklift or material handling equipment from should ultimately be working alongside you to make the most out of what you have. If you find yourself requiring assistance, reach out to them; are they happy to help? If not, we can.

For more information on improving efficiency and reducing TCO in your operation, click the button below to speak to your local dealer today.

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