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PAL // Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks


Centre Tiller Arm

Electric Icon-01 Electric
24 v Voltage
2.0 t Max Cap

Versatile and compact

The TCM PAL is a high-performance low lifter truck equipped with a 5-point chassis that gives complete stability even at high speed. It has been developed for non-stop performance in the most challenging environments, and its robust construction offers durability in all working conditions. The compact design allow complete manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and the PAL is perfectly suited to loading/unloading, internal transport and general warehousing duties.


The low chassis helps to prevent foot injuries. Easy battery changes makes these trucks the perfect partners in extended work cycles and multi-shift operations. For users wanting to maximise efficiency and productivity, there’s even a double pallet configuration.

With a broad range of fork solutions, the cost-efficient PAL truck manages almost any conceivable load in high-intensity applications with ease. Its oil-filled, sealed transmission is shock-resistant, quiet and requires very little maintenance. High stability is ensured by use of two linked castor wheels, next to the all-important central drive wheel, in addition to the two load wheels.

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PAL features include

B14 EO optimised efficiency

Optimised Performance

Making materials handling very cost effective, the powerful AC motor gives high top speeds, allowing fast throughput and high cycle times.



Easy Battery Changes

For multi-shift applications, the high-capacity battery is placed on rollers, for quick, easy changes.


C14 EO driver tailored perfomance

Driver Tailored Performance

To enhance safety, the truck's performance can be set to suit each operator. Three different operator category settings ensure the operator has access to the right performance depending on driving skills and prevents unauthorised use.



Safety First

Accidents can happen, especially in a material handling environment where trucks are transporting goods in tightly packed spaces. As our trucks are designed with operator safety as our top priority, we can confidently say that our products are amongst the safest on the market. We’re really proud to be recognised for our commitment to safety by the Fork Lift Truck Association Awards 2018. Our safety features are built to last and take into account how they're actually used in real-world environments.


Total Cost of Ownership

We view truck sales as a long-term strategic partnership, taking a consultative approach to understand your operations, processes and workforce, and bringing in factors like servicing and maintenance when looking at total cost of ownership. Taking a holistic view of materials handling, by far the biggest cost is the operator, so we will help you identify any areas where a more efficient truck would boost productivity and lower costs.


Self-Diagnosis [large]


Maximising up-time, the truck's computer has a built-in troubleshooting system that simplifies fault diagnostics. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck which shortens repair times.


Dealer Network

Dealer Network

TCM’s extensive pan-European dealer network means that not only will you have an experienced, understanding partnership pre-sales, but the after-care and any servicing is handled by your local experts quickly and professionally.


Common Parts [large]

Shared Parts Philosophy

All our pallet trucks are modular built with TCM's unique shared components concept. By only having to carry a limited number of components, our mobile service engineers can fix over 95% of all breakdowns – on the first call.


Model Voltage (V) Width (mm) Capacity (kg)
PAL160-F 24 720 1600
PAL180-F 1800
PAL200-F 2000
PAL200-E 2000