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Material Handling Insights

May 9, 2024 1:04:12 PM // 5 min read

How a TCM dealer electrified Phoenix Building Systems’ 4-Strong Fleet

By Marcus Turner
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Sustainability is at the forefront of industry minds, and material handling is no exception. 

Committed to building a safe and sustainable business, Phoenix Building Systems needed its fleet of four forklift trucks to be fit for the future. Explore how TCM dealer Barek Lift Trucks helped the company to optimise operational safety and efficiency with electric forklift trucks for a more sustainable fleet.

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Making the move to electric

Phoenix Building Systems delivers quality modular and portable builds to organisations across the UK. The business was keen to explore ways to optimise efficiency of operations with a core focus on quality and safety throughout. Originally, it looked at the possibility of upgrading its existing fleet of four diesel forklift trucks that operate indoors and outdoors. However, with the UK government enforcing diesel forklift trucks to use white diesel from 2022, operating diesel trucks was getting expensive.

Phoenix Building Systems partnered with local, family-run business Barek Lift Trucks to explore solutions. As a recognised TCM distributor and with over 40 years’ experience as a quality provider of material handling products and services, Barek Lift Trucks ensures seamless integration to equip fleets for the future. Boasting optimised safety and zero emissions for all applications, Barek Lift Trucks proposed going electric.

Transforming Phoenix Building Systems’ fleet with electric forklift trucks was a crucial part in ensuring the business was fit for the future.

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Optimising efficiency and sustainability

With benefits of electric forklift trucks like higher productivity and efficiency that can  reduce your total cost of ownership  (TCO) regardless of fleet size, going electric can produce huge cost savings in the long run.

Download our free guide: Reducing the TCO of Your Forklift Fleet to explore how best to boost the profitability of your fleet.

At TCM, we understand that making the change to electric trucks can be daunting. In this way, Phoenix Building Systems needed evidence that it was the right solution and wouldn’t compromise on quality. Barek Lift Trucks was able to give the team full confidence through on-site demonstrations with electric trucks and the chance to visit other sites that had successfully adopted a smaller, electric fleet. When it came down to the final product, Phoenix Building Systems had worked with Caterpillar forklift trucks and therefore trusted the TCM Logisnext group so TCM was the perfect solution.

Combining best-fit products with unmatched quality customer service from Barek Lift Trucks, Phoenix Building Systems acquired two cutting-edge TCM FHB35 (3.5T) electric counterbalance forklift trucks. Initially, it wanted to phase the trucks into its fleet but after successful training and implementation, the company ended up ordering more trucks than originally anticipated - including a 5T electric truck due in April this year.

What’s more, by installing a solar panel network on the roof of its new building that powers the manufacturing plant and charges the new electric trucks, Phoenix Building System has received immediate payback on its investments and is working towards its green energy targets.

Fork truck in action (1)

Ensuring operator comfort and safety

Through Barek Lift Trucks’ dedication to customer service, the electric forklift trucks arrived a few weeks early for Phoenix Building Systems to integrate into its fleet. Powered by Hoppecke's premium lead-acid batteries with cost-effective technology that enables opportunity charging and safe recycling, the trucks and corresponding batteries were tailored to handle the operational capacity of Phoenix Building Systems. Hoppecke provided on-site support to ensure the best fit and efficient integration. 

Combined with high-quality electric trucks and on-site demonstrations, the trucks were seamlessly transitioned into daily operations. Barek Lift Trucks carried out induction training for all drivers so that they were comfortable with the change and new safety features that came with the trucks such as automatic deceleration round a corner. With configurable controls, Barek Lift Trucks helped operators to get to know their new, electric equipment and how to make adjustments to tailor their operating experience. 

With improved safety features, fuel cost-savings and better running costs, it was not long before the next electric truck was integrated into Phoenix Building Systems’ fleet. 

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Collaborating towards a lean, green fleet

Working with TCM, Barek Lift Trucks successfully transformed Phoenix Building Systems’ operations to an electric fleet powered by an efficient energy source. It is now looking to install more solar panels and battery storage to harness the energy for future use, reducing waste in the meantime.

Regardless of your fleet size, embracing the change to electric can help you to lower costs, achieve your sustainability goals and therefore target more business as the industry works together towards a greener supply chain.


Embrace an electric future and speak with your local dealer to explore how we can support your business with efficient solutions for a sustainable fleet.