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Various kinds of cookies
There are two types of cookies, permanent cookies and session (also called temporary) cookies. Permanent cookies are saved as small text files on the computer and erased on a pre-set date. They are used to save settings that the user executes between visits on the website. Session cookies are stored in the memory of the web browser (eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and erased when the browser is closed. They are used, for example, to remain logged in when the user moves from one page to the next.

Avoiding cookies
If you do not want that your computer receives and stores cookies, you can change the security settings of your browser. Parts of may only be fully used if your browser allows cookies. On links and references available may connect to other sites that also use cookies.


Cookie name



This cookie (which is part of Google analytics) keeps track of visitors and their behaviour, e.g. the number of times a visitor has been to the site and what pages were visited. Expires after 2 years.



This cookie (which is part of Google analytics) is used to define throttle request rate. Expires after 10 minutes.