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Max Cap
TCM LLR Rear Right

Compact and manoeuvrable.

The TCM LLR is a low-lifter forklift truck designed for internal transport in heavy-duty industrial operations. The truck is ideal for long cycles and heavy goods flows. This stand-in low-lifter forklift has a wide variety of customisable options that allow you to handle loads in different size configurations with ease. The LLR versions give excellent all round visibility, ease of operation and comfort – this truck is the perfect partner for intensive operations.The forklift driver compartment has well positioned, easily accessible controls and power steering to minimise operator fatigue during long shifts. The ergonomic, natural standing position, with the operator fully protected within the chassis, allows all-round visibility when driving in either direction. The stand-on version of this versatile transporter allows the operator an ergonomic position during the operation. Its compact design makes the LLR ideal for confined spaces.With a broad range of fork solutions, the LLR manages almost any conceivable load in heavy duty applications with ease.


Low Lifter Stand-In

Load Capacity
2,000kg to 3,000kg
Load Centre
Truck Length
Travel Speed with and without load
Turning Radius
Truck Width

Safety First.

In a workplace where handling heavy machinery is at the core of operations, safety regulations and procedures must be top priority.

That’s why we adopt a safety-first approach with our forklift design. Incorporating extensive safety features helps to reduce forklift truck accidents and ensure our trucks are reliable in real-world conditions and compliant with industry standards. This approach extends to our end-to-end support to ensure you have the tools you need to provide operators with the necessary safety training.


Total Cost of Ownership.

Whether you’re looking to cut costs or improve operational efficiency, reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) is key. TCO takes into account the initial purchase price of equipment, as well as any direct or indirect expenses incurred. 

Combining fit for purpose, tailored forklift trucks with grounded expertise, we can help you to reduce your overall TCO through a range of activities. These include optimising operator productivity, warehouse efficiency and space utilisation, as well as selecting the right power source for your needs and providing regular vehicle maintenance.

About Us

Why TCM?

With forward-thinking machinery and unmatched industry expertise, we work closely with businesses of all sizes to understand every aspect of your working environment and discover the right solution for you.

Cutting-edge, efficient forklift trucks

Harnessing pioneering technology, we deliver precision-engineered equipment to boost warehouse efficiency and evolve with your needs and industry standards.

Invest in partnerships

Working closely with our customers and their unique needs, we build and nurture strong relationships to provide reliable, tailor-made solutions.

Local expertise and support

Leveraging our trusted dealer network across Europe gives you access to a dedicated support team that is on hand to guide you from pre-sales through to after-care and servicing.

Operator comfort

Designed with enhanced ergonomics to reduce strain and fatigue, our trucks work in tandem with operators for a customised experience to maximise productivity in your warehouse.


Built around the operator with extensive safety features, TCM fork trucks are built to last - protecting your operators and warehouse across a range of applications.
FD_FGE 15-35 application photo

Why TCM?


Maximising up-time, the truck's computer has a built-in troubleshooting system that simplifies fault diagnostics. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck which shortens repair times.

Dealer Network

TCM’s extensive pan-European dealer network means that not only will you have an experienced, understanding partnership pre-sales, but the after-care and any servicing is handled by your local experts quickly and professionally.

Shared Parts Philosophy

TCM trucks are modular built with our unique shared components philosophy, enabling quick and easy servicing for maximum uptime — even in 24/7 operations and heavy-duty applications.