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Material Handling Insights

Jun 25, 2020 4:59:54 PM // 4 min read

Dealer Spotlight: How Altegra Is Helping Its Customers Adapt

By Graham Jones
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Our dealer network is dedicated to helping TCM customers adapt as their business needs evolve and their circumstances change. In recent months, this has become even more crucial. Read on to discover how Altegra is helping customers adapt.

Since the lockdown began in late March, many material handling businesses — if not all — have had to adapt to fluctuations in demand as well as changing shift patterns and working conditions.

At TCM, our dealer network has played a key role in supporting customers through this transitionary period — from reviewing financial agreements to supplying additional equipment to essential businesses, and more.

Read on to find out how Altegra, TCM’s most successful dealer last year, is helping its customers adapt.

Adapting finance agreements to suit customers’ needs

‘As soon as the lockdown hit, some of our customers realised business might go quiet, their income would be affected, and they would use their forklifts less’, explained Chris Exley, Sales Director at Altegra. As a result, customers started asking for payment holidays to reduce their outgoings (most of Altegra’s customers are on full maintenance contract hire contracts). ‘We accommodated those who needed it and have been instrumental in supporting our customers during this time’, Chris stressed. Altegra’s response has been extremely well-received.

‘As an independent business, we’ve had the flexibility and the willingness to support our customers.’ — Chris Exley

Where customers knew trucks weren’t going to be used, Altegra has been able to reduce fleet sizes and even buy back company-owned trucks and replace them with hire options, including added maintenance. This has allowed Altegra customers to free up cash in the short-term to cope with fluctuating demand and enjoy fixed costs going forward along with operational benefits. Their flexible approach and willingness to give the best advice has made the whole process seamless, easy, and cost-effective.

‘If we can reduce a customer’s fleet size by introducing a different type of truck to cut costs and manpower, we’ll suggest it’, Chris added. Altegra’s entire sales team is working hard to help customers adapt and reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency during this time.

To get in touch with Altegra and discover how they can help you, click here (customers in England). For customers in South Wales, click here.

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Helping essential businesses meet increasing demand

While some businesses have seen a reduction in their material handling activity, other businesses (such as food, drink and pharmaceutical companies) have experienced an increase in demand for essential products. Altegra has been working hard to supply additional equipment to these companies in the short-term, as well as continuing to supply backup service and emergency breakdown cover to ensure complete peace of mind.

Among Altegra’s customers are household-name high street retailers throughout the UK, who have relied on and continue to rely on Altegra to support their material handling operations at this critical time.

Altegra has seen a significant uptake in casual forklift hire to meet customers’ additional requirements in the short-term.

‘We’ve even been able to deliver trucks locally on the same day — if not the next day — or in just two days for businesses further afield’, Chris emphasises. Thanks to their extensive casual hire fleet of TCM products, and the fact that they run their own lorries, Altegra has been able to provide a rapid response to customers’ changing needs.

To talk to Altegra (England) about casual TCM forklift hire, click here. For customers in South Wales, click here.

Dealer Spotlight: How Lift West Is Helping Its Customers Adapt

Why choose Altegra?

At TCM, we pride ourselves on our ability to form and nurture long-term partnerships. The same values are echoed at Altegra and across our wider dealer network.

‘We see our business as a consultancy; we don’t just try to sell forklifts to people.’ — Chris Exley

Following a detailed consultation process, Altegra works tirelessly to identify the right package for its customers, working closely with the business to come up with a proposal that fits exactly what they need.

Altegra has worked with some of its customers (including big brand names) for over 30 years, which is testament to the team’s honest, in-depth approach.

The dealership continues to be flexible and adaptable as customers’ business needs change, for example when a business is ready to switch from gas (LPG) to electric forklift trucks.

‘What we’ve done before is what we’ll do tomorrow’ — Chris Exley

Altegra’s coverage is UK-wide (not just the west, as their name would suggest). ‘If you have outlets anywhere in the United Kingdom (including Ireland), we can look after them all’, says Chris.

‘We’re proud to represent a brand with such a rich history offering premium products that are tried and tested’, adds Chris, referring to TCM’s roots stemming from a top 10 worldwide brand, which spans over 60 years.

To find out how we can help your business adapt to changing needs and priorities, click the button below to speak with your local dealer today.

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