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Material Handling Insights

Mar 5, 2020 10:29:18 AM // 4 min read

TCM Finalist In The FLTA Awards 2020 For Innovation And Ergonomics

By Graham Jones
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TCM Achieves Finalist Status in the FLTA Awards 2020 for Innovation and Ergonomics

TCM is proud to have been nominated as a finalist in the FLTA Awards 2020 for Innovation and Ergonomics. Read on to find out more about our award-nominated forklifts and discover how they could help transform your operation.

At TCM, innovation is at the core of what we do — and the FB/FTB 3-4 Wheel Counterbalance truck is no exception. With its Floating Armrest and Multi-Functional Ergologic Joystick, the truck boasts state-of-the-art performance to help improve the productivity and profitability of your operations.

Similarly, the truck’s Floating Armrest and Mini Steering Wheel feature a truly ergonomic design for maximum operator comfort. So whatever your application requirements, you can rest assured that your equipment supports the long-term health of operators.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our FB/FTB truck has been nominated for not one, but two FLTA Awards. The FLTA Awards is the largest, most prestigious annual event in the material handling calendar, created to encourage and recognise examples of excellence throughout the forklift truck industry. This year, the FLTA Awards will take place on 21st March at the Hilton Metropole at the NEC, Birmingham.

Discover more of the FB/FTB 3-4 Wheel Counterbalance’s standout features below.

What makes the FB/FTB truck an innovation finalist?

Head and neck injuries, back pain, and repetitive strain injury are the most common complaints in the material handling industry, resulting in an increase in time off and overall staff turnover. At TCM, when it comes to the efficiency of the truck we invest in the operator, making them more comfortable and therefore more efficient.

Introduced in April 2019, the Multi-Functional Ergologic Joystick is the ideal ergonomic solution for controlling frequent operator functions. This feature ensures operators can experience the benefits of improved ergonomics and greater material handling efficiency first-hand.

Key Product Features

The Multi-Functional Ergologic Joystick features a 35mm diameter power grip, resulting in less stress to the shoulder, neck, and hand. Its innovative design ensures strong muscles are used for frequent functions, and small muscles are used for precise functions.

Key Application and Customer Benefits

The Multi-Functional Ergologic Joystick encourages a neutral body posture, harmonising the operator with their machine. The truck’s operator-centric multifunctional controls are easily accessible to ensure muscles are used according to their maximum force position, creating less muscle fatigue.

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What makes the FB/FTB truck an ergonomics finalist?

The FB/FTB 3-4 Wheel Counterbalance features a uniquely-devised  Floating Armrest and Mini Steering Wheel, enabling a neutral body posture and minimal effort. The Mini Steering Wheel can be operated using the palm of the hand to ease arm stress. TCM is the only material handling equipment manufacturer to offer such a solution.

Key Product Features

The conventional steering wheel with a column on the original model has been completely removed and replaced with a special left Floating Armrest that integrates a Mini Steering Wheel. The Mini Steering Wheel can be operated with the palm of the hand for easy access and integrates multiple safety functionalities.

A safety bar and a document holder complete the option package. The Safety Bar provides the operator with something to grip on to in case of frontal shock or tip-over, helping to prevent injury. Additional safety features include the Armrest InterLock Function, meaning the armrest must be tilted down to allow driving and hydraulic operation. 

Key Application and Customer Benefits

The FB/FTB Counterbalance with Floating Armrest and Mini Steering Wheel is a versatile piece of equipment that’s ideal for long-distance forward operations and supplying goods to an assembly line.

The driver position offers optimised ergonomics (neutral body posture) and ensures the operator’s arm is always supported when adjusted properly. This relaxed position creates less stress on the arm.

The Mini Steering Wheel enables a quicker and smoother steering operation for increased efficiency.

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Identifying the right solution through our dealer network

Not only do we offer some of the most innovative and ergonomic solutions on the market, but our dealer network is specifically trained to assess your business’s individual needs and identify your ideal material handling solution.

Whether your business or organisation is small or large, and no matter your application or environment, we can help.

Click the button below to speak with your local dealer and discover how TCM can help you transform your operation for increased efficiency, reduced cost, and a happier workforce.