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Aug 15, 2022 2:03:00 PM // 6 min read

TCM Compact Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks: SPL12-N2 & SPD12-N2

By Marcus Turner
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TCM Compact Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks: SPL12-N2 & SPD12-N2

SPD12-N2 and SPL12-N2 are TCM’s latest compact pedestrian pallet stackers. The SPL is TCM’s single pallet stacker and the SPD is a double pallet stacker. Both of these vehicles provide efficient solutions for medium-height stacking applications, short and medium-distance travel, loading and unloading, order picking and refilling, and transportation.

Read on to learn about how the SPD12-N2 and SPL12-N2 compact pedestrian pallet stackers work, as well as their key features and benefits.

How do TCM’s new compact pedestrian pallet stackers work?

The compact pedestrian pallet stackers allow the operator to walk with the vehicles. The SPL12N2 (the single stacker) enables the operator to lift and move one pallet, whilst the SPD12N2 (the double stacker) can lift two pallets at the same time. 

Both the SPL and SPD pedestrian pallet stackers have a lift capacity of 1,250 KG, a maximum lift height of 2,090 MM, and the width of the trucks is 660 MM. However, the SPD12-N2 boasts a lift capacity of up to 1,600 KG when utilising both sets of forks (a maximum of 800 KG on each fork) and offers an initial lift of 120 MM. The SPL12-N2 and the SPD12-N2 also come with the following features as standard: 

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- Polyurethane drive

- Proportional valve for lifting and lowering, controlled by fingertip lever on the tiller head

- Offset tiller arm

- Single polyurethane load wheels 

- Chill store design, down to 1°C with rust-protected axles

- Micro-computer including an hour meter and battery indicator with cut out

The compact pedestrian pallet stackers have the option to include rubber foot protection, a multi-function display, an anti-static drive wheel, a heavy-duty tiller head, automatic log off and more. 

Now we’ve taken a look at some of the technical details, let’s explore further the additional features and benefits. 

The key features and benefits of the TCM SPD12-N2 and SPL12-N2 compact pedestrian pallet stackers

1. Compact design

The narrow chassis of the SPD12-N2 and SPL12-N2 enables the operator to lift and position pallets in very confined spaces. This is particularly important in production and other confined areas.

The pedestrian pallet stackers are equipped with a high load capacity. This feature, when combined with the small dimensions, makes the SPD and SPL incredibly stable and enables them to remain highly manoeuvrable whilst lifting heavy loads. Additionally, the pallet trucks feature a low bumper on the short chassis of the vehicle, prioritising the operator’s safety by preventing foot injuries.

2. Modern construction

The modern design of the latest TCM pallet stacker models includes specially rounded edges to safeguard personnel, minimise the risk of damage to products and allow for easy cleaning. Their robust construction, such as metal sides, helps to absorb knocks, while their modular format enables the truck’s components to be shared across the range of pallet stackers for economic and rapid availability.

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3. Ergonomic tiller arm

The patented ergonomic tiller arm of the SPL and SPD is designed for ambidextrous use and features easily accessible controls that simplify handling. The optional ‘tiller up’ drive specification makes it possible to work in even tighter areas, with the tiller arm in the upright position. The keypad, with its individual settings and a ‘bounce-back’ truck-stop, offers safety features in one compact unit, all controls are at the operator’s fingertips.

The functions of the tiller arm keep the operator firmly in control and allow for seamless steering in any situation. The offset tiller arm allows the operator to walk alongside the vehicle and provides better visibility of the load and forks. This benefits both pedestrians and other operators, who can move safely around the pallet trucks.

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4. Individual pin-code setting

The personalised settings enable swift start-up of the machines and operator-matched skill levels. The individual pin-code settings offer additional security for the fleet as each operator has their own code, preventing unauthorised usage.

5. Onboard truck management

The SPL and SPD pedestrian pallet stackers are fitted with a control panel which clearly displays battery status, hour metre, date, clock and warning messages. The computer’s built-in service functions reduce downtime, and the easy-to-change performance settings match the operator’s skill and experience. This enhances productivity and ensures the operators are working as safely and efficiently as possible, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

6. Powered by lithium-ion battery technology

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries can offer real advantages over lead-acid batteries, diesel or LPG (liquified petroleum gas), particularly in high energy, multi-shift, and 24/7 applications. When it comes to TCO, Li-ion batteries offer longer life, built-in protection, faster charging, reduced maintenance, and a longer run time which works to improve operational efficiency. 

In addition to these functional, material handling-centred benefits, Li-ion batteries produce zero harmful emissions, meaning they are better for both the health of the environment and your operators.

Are you prepared for 2030? By 2030, it will be illegal to sell new gas, diesel, and even hybrid-powered vehicles in the UK. For help planning and preparing for the future, download your free electrification readiness checklist here.

7. Advanced steering

The four-wheel design of the SPL and SPD makes for excellent stability and high residual capacities. The patented four-point system, flexible connections between the offset drive motor and chassis, as well as an additional supporting wheel aid stability and enhance traction – especially on uneven surfaces.

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The patented design enhances the safety of those operating the vehicles as well as pedestrians and other warehouse operatives in the vicinity. The tiller steering is highly responsive, allowing for precise control when manoeuvring at low speeds and excellent stability for tasks that require increased speed levels.

A quick recap of the TCM SPD12-N2 and SPL12-N2 compact pedestrian pallet stackers

With industry-leading performance, the SPL and SPD boost productivity in any application, ensuring that you can carry out your material handling operations with confidence. The truck’s compact body makes for ease of use in restricted areas, while the four-wheel design facilitates excellent stability and high residual capacities.

The offset tiller arm enables the operator to walk safely next to the truck, with all controls for lifting and lowering kept close to the tiller head. The SPL and SPD’s intelligent electronics add to the advanced control of the trucks, whilst the low chassis allows the operator the best view of the forks at all times. 

With world-class ergonomics and robust construction, these models maximise uptime and help you achieve the end goal of increasing productivity and minimising your TCO. An additional benefit of the SPD is the double pallet handling system which enables you to load and unload simultaneously, offering flexibility where other machines may not.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. To discover the most cost-effective energy solution you will need to meet all your operational requirements, get in touch today.

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