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Optimised for operator comfort

The SPW and SPR are two compact pedestrian stackers brand new to TCM. This new generation of pedestrian pallet stackers comes in different sizes and has a range of different features and benefits.

They boast the shortest chassis on the market and provide low-cost, efficient solutions for multiple stacking and order-picking applications. The new stackers are ideal for the narrow aisles of a warehouse – manoeuvering seamlessly through very tight spaces – and their initial lift ability offers higher intensity double stacking.

With world-class ergonomics and robust construction, the SPW and SPR pedestrian pallet stackers work to reduce environmental impact and maximise uptime, ultimately minimising your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Read our article for full information of the features and benefits.


Model Nominal capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Truck width (mm) Max lift height (mm)
SPW10-N3 1000 600 800 3300
SPW12-N3 1200 600 800 4700
SPW12I-N3 1200 600 800 4700
SPW14-N3 1400 600 800 5400
SPW14I-N3 1400 600 800 5400
SPW16-N3 1600 600 800 5400
SPW16I-N3 1600 600 800 5400
SPW16S-N3 1600 600 1140-1575 5400
SPR10-N3 1000 600 800 3300
SPR12-N3 1200 600 800 4700
SPR12I-N3 1200 600 800 4700
SPR14-N3 1400 600 800 5400
SPR14I-N3 1400 600 800 5400
SPR16-N3 1600 600 800 5400
SPR16I-N3 1600 600 800 5400
SPR16S-N3 1600 600 1140-1575 5400

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Safety First

Accidents can happen, especially in a material handling environment where trucks are transporting goods in tightly packed spaces. As our trucks are designed with operator safety as our top priority, we can confidently say that our products are amongst the safest on the market.


We’re really proud to be recognised for our commitment to safety by the Fork Lift Truck Association Awards 2018. Our safety features are built to last and take into account how they’re actually used in real-world environments.

Total Cost of Ownership

We view truck sales as a long-term strategic partnership, taking a consultative approach to understand your operations, processes and workforce, and bringing in factors like servicing and maintenance when looking at total cost of ownership.


Taking a holistic view of materials handling, by far the biggest cost is the operator, so we will help you identify any areas where a more efficient truck would boost productivity and lower costs.




Maximising up-time, the truck's computer has a built-in troubleshooting system that simplifies fault diagnostics. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck which shortens repair times.


Dealer Network

TCM’s extensive pan-European dealer network means that not only will you have an experienced, understanding partnership pre-sales, but the after-care and any servicing is handled by your local experts quickly and professionally.


Shared Parts Philosophy

TCM trucks are modular built with our unique shared components philosophy, enabling quick and easy servicing for maximum uptime — even in 24/7 operations and heavy-duty applications.

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