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Material Handling Insights

Nov 1, 2016 2:00:00 PM // 2 min read

How To Choose A Material Handling Solutions Provider

By Graham Jones
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Choosing the right material handling solutions provider is integral to your business' growth. They should be able to identify a problem you have, find the appropriate solution, and help you be successful.

Here are five things you should consider if you want to choose the right person and right company for the job. 

Problem solution success

Firstly, how do they make you feel?

If the process in the beginning feels transactional, you can almost predict what the outcome will be. They'll sell you a truck at the highest possible price with all the extras, then you'll not hear from them for six months. Then when you have an issue, they'll not make your problem a priority.

Do they understand your problem? 

Are they just trying to charm you out of your cash? Or are they taking the time to understand what your current goals are and where you're heading?

If they're doing all of the talking and not asking the right questions, you should consider whether they're the right business to help you achieve success. 

What's the plan if something goes wrong?

If their answer is "nothing will go wrong", you have a problem. Yes, the trucks you decided to purchase may be the most reliable on earth, but many other things can crop up due to operator error or the environment the truck is used in. You need someone that can come up with a solution to your problem when you need them.

What have their previous customers said about them?

This is a really interesting question to ask a sales person and something they should really know the answer to. This will indicate whether or not they look after their customers like they say they do, and whether or not they understand their customers.

What else do they offer?

Do they just sell forklifts and servicing or—like a TCM dealer—do they have many facets to their business and operate as a one stop shop for material handling solutions?

Having a provider that offers forklift operator training, for example, can be extremely valuable to your business. 

Are you looking for a material handling solutions provider that does more than just sell trucks? 

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