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Look After Your Forklift Flock With Fleet Management.

Fleet Management
Look After Your Forklift Flock With Fleet Management.

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Effective forklift truck fleet management is essential for limiting or even eradicating unnecessary downtime. More importantly, it can increase the longevity of your trucks and ensure the safety of operators.

Read on to discover how you can look after your forklift fleet like a shepherd looks after his flock.

Shepherd with sheep

Fleet management boasts numerous benefits, including:

Full Truck Control

Being in control of your forklift fleet improves operator safety. You can choose either a basic operating system or something more sophisticated, designed specifically for TCM trucks and fitted by your local dealer.

With features including access control, you can provide endless reports and perform functions such as mandatory pre-operational checks.

Pre-Operational Checks

You can add pre-shift checks to ensure the operator assesses truck safety before use. Installing a device that won’t allow drivers to operate the trucks unless they complete their mandatory checks is an effective way to ensure maximum compliance.

Shock Reporting

Today we can measure the size of an impact, when it occurred, and who was on the truck when it happened. It’s even possible to enforce a remote shutdown of the truck if necessary.

The ability to be notified of damage remotely prevents further unnecessary damage from occurring due to unreported or late reported incidents. Get in touch with your local dealer to find out more about impact detection and how it can improve safety in your business.

Battery Management

Incorrect charging procedures can cause electric trucks to fail, creating downtime and unforeseen costs. Today we can closely monitor batteries and provide the data required to regain efficiencies.

Remotely we can see the state of change, how the battery is performing, batteries available to charge, and when the battery needs maintenance.

Considering fleet management?

We use Fork Truck Control’s Optafleet advanced fleet management system, which is extremely versatile and available through our nationwide dealer network.

An in-depth survey of your business and a customised package proposal conducted by one of our dealers should be at the core of your decision making, driving performance with real results.


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