Redefining the concept of efficiency

Especially developed to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient technology in daily operation, TCM’s trucks have been designed to meet the most challenging requirements even in the most demanding environments.

Product overview

We deliver the broadest range

At TCM , 5000+ individuals worldwide are united by a desire to develop, manufacture and distribute industrial trucks that create difference. With load capacities from 350 to 10 000 kg we strive to cover all your material handling needs indoors and outdoors.

Product overview


At TCM , we offer you the perfect mixture of Japanese quality and technology, with Swedish design, user friendliness and ergonomics. From our headquarter in Sweden, we oversee development and production in Sweden and Spain. Our industry experience goes all the way back to 1949, and our mission to challenge for excellence remains.


Balancing economy and environmentally friendly performance in TCM trucks has always been a top priority, facilitating a profitable and energy-efficient deployment of our high-end material handling solutions.


Proven technology paired with practical features: TCM stands for a unique mixture of customer-oriented solutions you can count on.


Harsh conditions can be a challenge. For TCM trucks, it’s their natural habitat. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Integrated Logistics Systems for Pioneering the Future

We design and make new, integrated logistics system, with an integrated view to the future. This involves linking logistics and information in various ways, to achieve the systematic flow of each process.

At TCM, there are three major strands of effort: The first is the originality of our Technology, used to create the top products in the industry. Next is the reach of our Global Energy, building a world-renowned brand. Finally, is the power of our Human Energy, forged into a successful group of companies, where work is rewarding. These are the pillars of our drive to create the world's finest logistics system.


Our products are sold via specialist retailers, as well as directly to end consumers by an experienced team of experts. You can either find your local contact or leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

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Our products and solutions are sold via specialist retailers, as well as directly from TCM to end consumers by an experienced team of experts.

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