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Jan 30, 2024 4:30:00 PM // 11 min read

Optimise Your Warehouse Operations with the SRS Ride-On Stacker Truck

By Marcus Turner
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SRS Stacker truck range

Stacker trucks are versatile machines, perfect for moving pallets around a warehouse and can stack pallets at a range of heights. 

Our pedestrian ride-on stacker truck, the SRS, runs on traditional lead-acid or 24V lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery power, comes in different load capacities (maximum 1.6 tonnes), and offers a variety of optional extras and additional models such as a wide straddle version for greater operational versatility.

This electric ride-on stacker truck has been designed with ergonomics and usability as the focus, making it suitable for a wide range of duties, from heavy industrial to light handling tasks and intensive 24/7 shift work to intermittent usage.

SRS Electric Stacker Truck

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With a maximum lift height of 5.4 metres and a wide straddle version available, its versatility and flexibility make it ideal for a variety of handling from floor level through to medium-height stacking applications in narrow spaces and high bay stacking. What’s more, it is highly suited for short, medium, and long-distance travel, as well as order picking and transport supply/feed applications.

Read on to discover more about the SRS ride-on stacker.

SRS ride on stacker truck ergonomic tiller arm

How the key features and benefits of the SRS ride-on stacker work to optimise your warehouse operations.

The future is electric

The future is electric

The built-in fully integrated Li-ion battery or traditional lead-acid battery means that the SRS requires little maintenance. Producing minimal noise, zero harmful emissions, and offering unparalleled sustainability, the SRS is a strong, highly productive companion to have in multiple-shift operations, offering increased uptime and contributing to a reduced TCO (total cost of ownership).

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When utilising lead-acid batteries, the battery is placed on rollers for quick and easy sideways changing, perfect for multi-shift applications. The ease of access enables quick and easy battery maintenance and changeover, increasing uptime and productivity.

SRS Warehouse stacker truck

By 2030, it will no longer be legal to sell new gas, diesel, or hybrid-powered vehicles in the UK. Make sure you’re prepared for 2030 by downloading your free electrification-readiness checklist. It’ll help you to assess the long and short-term costs, determine how your business will adapt, guide you through the best forklift battery options available, and more.

For those hard-to-reach places

As standard, the truck is available in lift heights ranging from 2690 mm to 5400 mm, with either duplex or triplex masts. The truck is available in lift heights ranging from 2,690 mm to 5,400 mm, with either two-stage or three-masts. While other lift heights may be available by special design. Get in touch with us here if you’re interested in a bespoke design.

SRS Reach stacker truck

What about load handling at floor level?

The additional model of the SRS16(R)(S)W offers a wide straddle version of the stacker with a 1600kg rated capacity for your low level stacking needs.

With an easily adjustable width and low profile forged forks, this model facilitates safe handling at floor level - perfect for bottom boarded pallets and load carriers with closed fork pockets.

Designed with standard FEM type fork carriages, this model can also be fitted with specialised attachments such as clamps, poles and rotators to boost operational use.

SRS Stacker truckPrioritising operator safety and comfort

The SRS features a foldable platform with a low step-up height. The platform is cast in order to withstand deformations from collisions and has excellent dampers for suspension. The standard model variant, with an initial lift of straddle legs, allows the truck to handle, stack and transport double pallets which improves pallet-cycle throughput and warehouse productivity.

SRS stacker truck step

The low chassis of this ride-on stacker prevents foot injuries and the well-dampened foldable platform ensures minimum vibration, which provides a comfortable working environment for the operator and minimises the risk of strain-related injuries. 

The compact SRS also includes optional power steering and an increased drive speed of 8.5 km/h, with foldable side protection bars, for enhanced safety and productivity.

SRS compact stacker truck

Read about our compact pedestrian pallet stackers, the SPL12-N2 & SPD12-N2, here

​​Adaptively reducing the spinning and sliding of the drive wheel in low friction and slippery conditions, the active spin reduction feature of this ride-on stacker improves manoeuvrability, increases safety and less drive wheel wear, and, with the naturally compact body of the truck, facilitates manoeuvring in tight spaces.

SRS Warehouse operator

To prevent higher loads from falling backwards the SRS has a fitted load backrest of 1,200 mm, which works to increase the safety of the operator and the load and boost operator confidence. Additional safety features include an overhead guard and red or blue floor spotlights for enhanced visibility.

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Ergonomic design that enhances efficiency

The ergonomically shaped, best-in-class tiller arm has easily accessible controls, allowing the operator to precisely and safely steer the stacker truck. As a result, warehouse processes are enhanced for optimal uptime by firmly placing the operator in control of the vehicle.

SRS ergonomic tiller arm

In addition, the ergonomic design of the tiller drive button (available with a foldable platform) enhances operator comfort. This important feature allows the ride-on stacker to operate in complex and confined warehouse spaces, increasing productivity and reducing downtime by optimising manoeuvrability.

SRS stacker truck control panel

With a 4-point design and a castor wheel at the opposite corner, this ride-on stacker truck is progressively stabilised with proportional drive wheel pressure and traction, ensuring safe and comfortable handling.

Are you keen to reduce your TCO but unsure where to start? This free guide will help you to understand and calculate your TCO, enabling you to make changes where possible to reduce your downtime and maximise productivity.

Especially useful in production areas and other confined spaces, the narrow chassis allows the operator to pick up and position pallets in very tight spaces and the rounded edges reduce the possibility of damaged goods. The tapered forks of the SRS have pointed tips, enabling swift and accurate fork insertion, reducing positioning delays and accidental damage. Users can also choose a double pallet configuration for increased efficiency and productivity, reducing their TCO.

SRS stacker truck Forks

Optional extras for the TCM SRS ride-on stacker truck

Equipment bar (accessory rack) and RAM holders:

• Useable for many different applications like PC terminals, printers, and laser scanners 

Li-ion battery:

• Secures the availability of the truck due to quick/opportunity charging when it is not used

• In multiple shifts no need to have extra batteries to change

Lead-acid battery access:

Easy access to the battery from the top/above for checking the electrolyte status of lead-acid batteries 

• Easy pull-out access in steel rollers providing battery changeover for extended shift use

Different fixed operator platforms:

Mechanical or adjustable damping according to the weight of the operator  

• Raises the comfort and safety of the operator 

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Tortoise mode:

• Max drive speed 4.5km/h (can be parameter configured between 0 - 10km/h)

• Tiler-up drive facilities 'creep speed' 2.5km/h

SRS stacker truck Side To identify your business and operational needs and understand exactly what you’re paying for download this free guide: Questions to Ask When Buying Your Next Forklift.

No matter which industry you reside in, trends, tools, and technologies are constantly advancing. To future-proof your operations, it’s important to keep on top of them if you want to remain profitable. 

At TCM, we’re invested in providing you with the most suitable, sustainable, and productivity-boosting vehicle/s for your application. Taking into account your facility, your operations, and your needs, we understand the importance of applying the right electric forklifts in your material handling. 

To get in touch about the SRS ride-on stacker truck, or for any questions you may have, contact us here.

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