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Material Handling Insights

Nov 28, 2023 9:38:11 AM // 12 min read

Lift More with the TCM New Heavy-Duty FHB 60-120 Electric Forklift Truck

By Marcus Turner
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electric forklift truck fhb60

With the impending ban on the sale of diesel and petrol engines, more industries are looking to future-proof their operations with innovative solutions like electrification. But many operators rely on the size and power of Diesel forklifts, challenging their ability to make the switch. Now, with TCM’s new Heavy-Duty FHB 60-120 Electric Forklift Truck, you can have the best of both worlds.

Introducing TCM’s New Electric Forklift: FHB60-120(H)(/9)-E1

Available in standard and high performance (H) models, our new electric counterbalance forklift is the future of heavy goods handling with our largest load capacity to date: 12.0 tonnes. 

Born out of innovation, precision and technical expertise, its compact yet sturdy frame enables agile manoeuvring of heavy loads from 6.0 to 12.0 tonnes with a load centre of 600mm. Additional models with a greater load centre distance of 900mm are available at 8.0 tonnes for improved capacity.

So, what else can it do?

electric forklift truck fhb60

Streamline your spending

With cutting-edge electric motor technology, our new counterbalance FHB 60-120 can simultaneously reduce your energy consumption while increasing power. It does so through advanced controllers that optimise motor management and are positioned to minimise energy loss. In addition, strong regenerative braking recycles energy while a huge 96V battery enables a strong performance output with increased power for longer.

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Easy maintenance of the truck creates efficiencies with servicing of motors, controllers and other systems. The multifunctional, interactive, colour display encourages correct use and maintenance of the truck while simple plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting help to reduce downtime and maintain operational efficiency.

electric forklift truck fhb60

Multifunctional, colour display 

What’s more, the charging hatch enables a direct connection for recharging without needing to remove the battery, making battery charging easier and quicker than ever.

electric forklift truck fhb60

Charging hatch

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The robust design of the truck reduces repair and replacement needs, helping to maintain the vehicle’s high residual value. The additional rear oil cooler on the high-performance model contributes to the durability of the truck by maintaining an optimum temperature to prevent damage from overheating and keep the truck’s systems running smoothly. 

The protective enclosure of motors and controllers with high IP rated components means you can reliably use this truck in a range of outdoor applications. The truck’s motors are sealed to IP54 standard, protecting it against hostile weather conditions and varying terrain. Similarly, the controllers are also sealed but to IP65 standard, providing even higher protection for sensitive electronics. This helps to reduce the cost associated with regular maintenance and keep your total cost of ownership (TCO) low.

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Power meets performance

Despite its large capacity of up to 12.0 tonnes, the truck’s high steering angles, precise electronic control and compact dimensions enable agile manoeuvring with even the heaviest of loads.

With dedicated curve control for efficient but safe cornering available on all models, and a rear steering axle boasting over 100 degrees of movability on the high-performance model.

What’s more, you can select the low overhead guard option to facilitate application of the truck in tighter spaces - ideal for container work.

electric forklift truck fhb60
FHB 60-120 Electric Counterbalance Forklift Truck in container application

Powerful twin traction motors in the front axle of the high-performance model enable the FHB60 to generate high RPM, Torque and acceleration while boasting higher manoeuvrability as a result of a tighter turning circle. Meanwhile, the standard model contains a powerful single lift motor that provides fast, strong, and precisely controlled hydraulic movements. 

Drive, mast and fork actions are made smooth and precise by advanced traction and hydraulic pump controllers while the mast tilt cylinder frame itself is positioned overhead for increased stability and residual capacity.

Optimise your operator experience

At TCM, our electric counterbalance range recognises the importance of ergonomically designed vehicles that optimise operator comfort and safety to maximise profitability. The FHB 60-120 forklift truck is no exception to that. 

  • To increase awareness of surrounding activity and keep drivers comfortable while operating in heavy-duty applications, our new trucks have near-silent hydraulic pumps and low-noise technologies to minimise vibration. 
  • To maximise safety in a quieter environment, the truck has additional lighting options such as a road light kit, LED work lights, amber strobes and blue floor spots. 

• To increase awareness of surrounding activity and keep drivers comfortable while operating in heavy-duty applications, our new trucks have near-silent hydraulic pumps and low-noise technologies to minimise vibration.

•  To maximise safety in a quieter environment, the truck has additional lighting options such as a road light kit, LED work lights, amber strobes and blue floor spots.

To enforce best safety practices throughout, other features are available including an automated parking brake that activates after the truck stops for a period of time, and a seat that deactivates travel if the driver leaves the truck.

In the cab itself, features such as separate air conditioner and heater options, front and rear window heating elements, and weatherproof panelling enable the operator to select their preferences to optimise comfort and visibility in different conditions. Visibility is further enhanced by an easy-to-read colour display, a clear-vision mast design, and a rear-view camera that when combined with other elements of the cab design gives 360 degree visibility with little or no need for the driver to change position.

Features like an adjustable, low seat position so drivers can tailor this to their needs and facilitate entry and exit into the vehicle.

electric forklift truck fhb60Inside the FHB 60-120 Electric Counterbalance Forklift Truck cab

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For an intuitive steering experience, an ergonomic steering wheel aids turning, while a telescopic steering column adjusts for depth and angle to ensure the most comfortable position. Manual hydraulic control levers are in place and can be optionally swapped for fingertip units on an adjustable armrest that comes as standard on this high-performance model to reduce straining injuries for your drivers.

electric forklift truck fhb60Fingertip hydraulic controls

Ergonomics is implemented down to the pedal design to reduce fatigue regardless of height or foot size, while separate forward and reverse pedals enable rapid changes in direction for busy operations and are accompanied by a large brake pedal because slowing or stopping your forklifts should be effortless.

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The new TCM FHB60-120(H)(/9)-E1 electric counterbalance forklift truck also comes with a host of optional add-ons:

Low overhead guard for container applications

PIN code access with start switch​

Additional camera (NB rear-view camera is fitted as standard)​

Battery tray​

Drive direction lever​

Rear-view mirrors (internal and external)​

LED work lights​

Load weight indicator​

Plexi roof

Amber strobe​

Air conditioner​

Full cabin​

‘Blue point’ rear light (standard or low mounting)​

Fingertip hydraulic controls (standard on High performance models)​​

Front screen (standard or low) and roof with wiper/washer​

Road light kit​


PVS doors

Heating element (front and/or rear screen)​

Special RAL colour​

Various fork lengths​

Load backrest​

Integrated side shifter​

Fork positioner + integrated side shifter​

Fork carriage with 8 rollers

Various hydraulic valve configurations

Hydraulic accumulator 

3-way or 4-way piping​

Various tyre choices – including single or dual, super elastic, solid, cushion and non-marking​


Material handling maths: Invest in a fleet that pays for itself

At TCM, ergonomics is a fundamental part of our vehicle design and with improved visibility and safety features, this truck places your operators firmly in the driving seat.

The compact yet robust design of our truck is built for durability in indoor and outdoor environments, managing heavy loads with ease and agility - making it the perfect replacement for your heavier load engine trucks as you move towards electrifying your fleet and reducing your TCO.

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At TCM, we’re committed to providing cost-effective, highly efficient material handling solutions tailored for your every need. To enquire about the FHB electric counterbalance truck, click here. Feel free to get in touch with us or your local dealer to discover how we can help you to optimise your operation.