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Stacker Truck


Stacker Truck: Balancing Safety and Efficiency

Stacker truck is incredibly versatile, making it ideal companion for warehouse operations.


Primarily used for stacking pallets at a range of heights, the electric stacker truck is designed with efficiency in mind. This machine is developed to maximise operator productivity and is equipped with ergonomic features like enhanced visibility and easy-to-use controls so that they can be operated ambidextrously.


With solid construction and robust design, TCM stacker truck thrive within material-handling landscapes, increasing the performance and productivity of your operations and reducing your overall total cost of operation (TCO).


At TCM, we don’t just offer one solution, but a wide range of options with plenty of flexibility to customise the solution to suit the unique needs of your business.


Take a look at this free, comprehensive guide where we help you to improve the profitability of your forklift fleet by showing you how to calculate TCO, choose the right equipment and technology, dive into fleet management software, and more.


Read on to explore our full range of TCM electric stacker trucks.



Compact Pedestrian Stacker Truck

Versatile and compact

The SPL and SPD compact pedestrian pallet stacker truck allows the operator to walk with the vehicles. The SPL is a single pedestrian stacker truck, enabling the operator to lift and move one pallet, whilst the SPD is a double pedestrian stacker truck, able to lift two pallets at the same time. 

Both the SPL and SPD have the same features – a maximum capacity of 1,250 KG, a maximum lift height of 2,090 MM, a load centre of 600 MM, and a width of 660 MM. However, the SPD has a lift capacity of up to 1,600 KG when utilising both sets of forks (a maximum of 800 KG on each fork) and offers an initial lift of 120 MM.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
2.0 t
Max Cap
SPD SPL stacker truck



Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks

Optimised for operator comfort

The SPW and SPR are two compact pedestrian stackers. They come in different sizes and have a range of different features and benefits.

The SPR and SPW offer a nominal capacity ranging from 1,000 KG - 1,600 KG, a maximum lift height ranging from 3,300 MM - 5,400 MM, a load centre of 600 MM, and a truck width of 800 MM (aside from the SPW16S-N3 and the SPR16S-N3, which have truck widths ranging from 1,140 MM - 1,575 MM).

These compact pedestrian stacker trucks boast the shortest chassis on the market and provide low-cost, efficient solutions for multiple stacking and order-picking applications

Li-ION Icon
24 v
1.6 t
Max Cap



Ride-On Stacker Truck

A highly manoeuvrable stacker truck

The SRS ride-on stacker truck offers a capacity of 1,250 KG, a truck width of 770 MM and a maximum lift height of 4,190 or 5,400 MM. 

Our pedestrian ride-on stacker truck, the SRS, runs on traditional lead-acid or 24V lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery power, comes in different load capacities (maximum 1.6 tonnes), and offers a variety of optional extras and additional models such as a wide straddle version for greater operational versatility.

This electric ride-on stacker truck has been designed with ergonomics and usability as the focus, making it suitable for a wide range of duties, from heavy industrial to light handling tasks and intensive 24/7 shift work to intermittent usage.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
1.6 t
Max Cap
SRS stacker trucks
SRS Ride on stacker range
SRS ride on stacker



Ride-On Double Stacker

Our SRD range of ride-on double pallet stackers is powered by Li-ion battery technology, making them a sustainable solution for stacking pallets at a wide range of heights. Each of the SRD models comes with a double lift capacity of 2x 1,000 KG, a load centre of 600 MM, and the width of the trucks is 740 MM.

Featuring a rocker switch on the ergonomic tiller head that controls speed, a motor with a regulated lift and a proportional valve, the SRD range ensures smooth, safe and precise lifting, lowering, and handling.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
1.6 t
Max Cap
SRD stacker trucks range
SRD stacker truck
SRD Stacker



Stand-In Stacker Truck

Efficient handling and robust stability 

The SRO stand-in stacker is one of the most cost-effective and robust stacker trucks available on the market today. The capacity of the SRO stand-in stacker trucks ranges from 1,600 KG - 2,000 KG, the width of the trucks is 110 MM and the lift height has a range of 4,190 MM - 7,000 MM. 

It’s designed for improved functionality and high-intensity operations, and the precision engineering provides high-level performance whilst being compact enough for manoeuvring around the narrow aisles of a warehouse.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
2.0 t
Max Cap



Sit-On Stacker Truck

Redefining agility, performance and efficiency

With four different models, the capacity of the SSO trucks ranges from 1,600 KG - 2,000 KG. The width, initial lift, and maximum lift height are equal along each of the models, with a truck width of 1,010 MM, an initial lift height of 110 MM (initial lift versions only), and a maximum lift height of 7,000 MM.

A key benefit of the SSO sit-on stacker truck is that it has excellent floor clearance. As a result, the machine housing does not come into contact with uneven floors or ramps, which reduces damage and speeds up operations, which can cause accidents and injuries.

Li-ION Icon
24 v
2.0 t
Max Cap
SSO pillar page

Frequently Asked Questions

Stacker truck FAQs

What is a stacker truck?

A stacker truck is a vehicle that can lift pallets to heights up to 6 metres. The primary goal of stacker trucks is to safely and efficiently place or move pallets or goods on/from a rack shelf or lorry. The lifting can be carried out manually or, as with an electric-powered stacker, via an electric hydraulic pump or with the aid of an electric motor.

Why is it called a stacker truck?

Stacker trucks are similar to powered pallet trucks, except that they have a mast which allows them to move pallets and goods vertically, up to heights of seven metres. As well as moving pallets and goods, stacker trucks are able to stack them at great heights.

Do you need a licence to drive a stacker truck?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a licence to drive a forklift truck, it’s recommended that you receive adequate training. Many guidance officials, like the HSC Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, note that people aged 16 or over can start driving a forklift truck. However, this is at the discretion of the employer and may differ depending on where you operate around the world. You will also need to meet the standard fitness requirements for driving any forklift truck. At TCM, we work with a trusted dealer network that offers exceptional driver training.

Where can I buy a stacker truck?

At TCM, we offer a range of different buying options for our extensive stacker truck range. Our leases are tailored to you – from hire purchase to contract hire to an operating lease. Get in touch with us here if you’re interested in investing with us, or click here to get in touch with your local TCM dealer.

Where can I get spare parts for a stacker truck?

The commonality of parts across our electric forklift truck ranges makes servicing and maintenance a breeze, with replacement parts readily available and easy to obtain through our dealer network, you can ensure maximum uptime and enhanced productivity.

What power source should I use to power my stacker truck?

You can use lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. These electric power sources not only help the wider environment, but they are significantly more efficient, healthier for your operators to work with, and work to reduce your TCO.

TCM Pillar page


Stacker trucks

Further information about stacker trucks

By investing in an electric-powered stacker, you can ensure that your material handling operations are future-proof. Our trucks are designed so that every operator can work productively without running the risk of discomfort or injury. Our goal is to provide every customer with innovative products that increase productivity and reduce TCO, regardless of the industry they work in.

By 2030, it will be illegal to sell new gas, diesel, and even hybrid-powered vehicles in the UK. For help planning and preparing for the future, download your free electrification readiness checklist here.



Compact Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks

With the SPL and SPD’s industry-leading performance, you can carry out your material handling operations with confidence in the knowledge that these forklift trucks are equipped with a high load capacity and a narrow chassis, making them incredibly stable and highly manoeuvrable when lifting heavy loads. 


SPD and SPL features as standard

Single polyurethane load wheels 

Proportional valve for lifting and lowering, controlled by fingertip lever on the tiller head

Chill store design, down to 1°C with rust-protected axles

Micro-computer including an hour metre and battery indicator with cut out


Their four-wheel design facilitates excellent stability and high residual capacities, whilst the low bumper on the short chassis of the vehicle works to prevent foot injuries.

The offset tiller arm allows the operator to walk safely next to the truck, with all controls for lifting and lowering close at hand. Smart electronics add to the advanced control of the SPL and SPD, while the low chassis allows the operator to see the forks at all times.

TCM SRD truck


An additional benefit of the SPD is the double pallet handling system which enables you to load and unload simultaneously, offering faultless flexibility.


Learn about the SPL and SPD’s full range of features in this article: TCM Compact Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks: SPL12-N2 & SPD12-N2


With world-class ergonomics and robust construction, these models maximise uptime and help you achieve most material handling goals – increasing productivity whilst minimising your TCO, working to future-proof your operations.


To learn more about TCM’s double pallet stackers, download your free brochure here.


Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Trucks

As these stackers are designed for the narrow aisles of a warehouse, they will manoeuvre effortlessly through very tight spaces, and their initial lift capability provides higher-intensity double stacking capabilities.

SPW and SPR features as standard

Polyurethane traction and load wheels

A key switch with the option to implement PIN code access to avoid unauthorised truck use

Polyurethane drive wheel

Electric on/off valve for lifting and lowering, controlled by a rocker switch on the tiller head


SPW and SPR optional features

Multi-functional display with hour metre

Cold store design, 0C° to -30C°

Power friction traction wheel

Accessory rack


Read about the SPR and SPW’s full range of capabilities and features here: Brand New to TCM: The SPW and SPR Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

These are highly efficient warehouse vehicles. Aside from their impressive manoeuvrability, the SPW and SPR are fitted with low-maintenance AC motor technology, providing more torque and higher control. This feature makes it highly responsive to operator commands. Additionally, they don’t use carbon brushes and provide advanced energy efficiency, which minimises the chances of damage and reduces the need for servicing.

Providing comfortable working environments for operators is imperative if you are to create a healthy and happy workplace culture and productive warehouse. These stacker trucks achieve just this as they are fitted with a patented, ergonomically-shaped tiller head with large life/lower rocker buttons and a large surface of speed control that suits all hand sizes.

Not only that, the rocker switch on the tiller head controls the speed-regulated proportional valve – which is used for lifting, lowering, and handling in a smooth, safe and precise way.

Related read: How to Create a Culture of Health and Safety in the Workplace

The SPW and SPR offer safety features that you can truly rely on. With metal sides to help absorb knocks, four points of ground contact with the drive wheel located on the side for extra stability, and an offset tiller arm to improve visibility, operators can feel safe and confident when carrying out warehouse tasks.

TCM Stacker truck


The SPW and SPR pedestrian pallet stackers are designed with world-class ergonomics and robust construction, working to reduce your environmental impact and maximise uptime, ultimately minimising your TCO.

Download your free copy of the SPW and SPR brochure here to learn more about these efficient pedestrian pallet stackers.



Ride-On Stacker Truck

The narrow chassis of the SRS ride-on stacker allows the operator to pick up and position pallets in narrow spaces, and the ergonomic tiller steering and foldable or fixed operator-protected platforms make it perfectly suited to fast-paced environments. This is especially important within confined areas and in production.


SRS Warehouse


With a maximum lift height of 5.4 metres, its versatility and flexibility make the SRS ideal for a variety of high bay stacking and medium-height stacking applications, whilst the rounded edges minimise the risk of damaging goods. For those warehouse operators wanting to maximise efficiency, the SRS offers a double pallet configuration for enhanced productivity.


TCM warehouse


Operator safety is key in all material handling environments. The folding operator platform has excellent dampening and the SRS utilises a low chassis, which works to prevent foot injuries and minimises the risk of strain-related damage.

To learn more about the SRS ride-on stacker truck – including lift heights, manoeuvrability, ergonomics and optional extras, take a look at this article: Optimise Your Warehouse Operations with the SRS Ride-On Stacker Truck


Ride-On Double Stacker

The SRD offers enhanced ergonomic features and a foldable or driver-protected platform. As a result, the double stacker truck range is perfectly suited to highly efficient loading and unloading operations, internal transport or cross-docking applications. Within fast-paced warehouse operations, clever speed handling is a must.

Driving-related features of the SRD

Power+ steering with pivot action as standard 

Optional driver-protected back entry with foot protection for added support

Top speed of 10 km/h

A driver-protected side entry with a low-step platform + foot protection.

3 steering options: Mechanical, Power and Power+ with pivot action 

On-board computer displaying essential information


The stacker truck incorporates a 4-point concept (or system) truck chassis, featuring twin load wheels in each straddle leg (wheel arm). The drive unit/wheel is positioned off-centre to one corner, while a fixed castor wheel is situated in the opposite corner of the machine house/chassis. This design choice ensures exceptional durability, reliability, and a track record of success. It offers the ideal combination of stability and traction needed for demanding high-speed stacking tasks.

Efficiency in material handling operations relies heavily on speed, as it enables operators to maintain optimal productivity while upholding safety standards. With the SRD range, you benefit from a rocker switch located on the ergonomic tiller head, empowering you to control speed effortlessly. Additionally, the SRD range incorporates a regulated lift motor and a proportional valve, synergistically combining these elements to deliver seamless, secure, and accurate lifting, lowering, and handling operations.


At TCM, safety is key. We understand the importance of maximising productivity and reducing TCO, but it’s not possible to achieve these two material handling musts whilst compromising the safety of your operators or your goods. That’s why we’ve fitted these stacker trucks with rear stability caster wheels that are equipped with integrated shock absorption and variable damping that will automatically adjust depending on driving conditions, maximising truck stability.


In this article, we discuss the key features and benefits of the range of SRD ride-on double pallet stacker trucks. Read here to learn about even more safety features, enhanced operator comfort, and unparalleled efficiency.


Stand-In Stacker Truck

It’s common knowledge that operator vision and responsiveness are key elements of warehouse operations. Powered by efficient Li-Ion battery technology, the SRO allows for precise control when manoeuvring at low speed, excellent stability, and enables the operator to clearly see the forks through the mast and carriage which enables quicker handling speed.

Safety-related features of the SRO

Overhead guard pillars of two optional heights: 150 mm or 160 mm

A panoramic high-visibility roof 

A 360-degree ball camera in the inner mast

Red or blue floor spotlights mounted

on the overhead guard

An optical presence sensor for foot/operator protection

An adjustable floating steering wheel: customise the height and rotation angle

Low step-in height

Floor vibration-damping

Foot protection feature


The Li-Ion battery technology used to operate the SRO allows for opportunity charging, which increases productivity and reduces downtime. You can, however, equip the SRO with lead-acid batteries if that is your preferred source of power.


Stacker truck warehouse


Further to this, the SRO stand-in stacker has a multi-function display fitted, which offers three different driver settings that the forklift operator can choose from, depending on the task at hand. Pro, ECO and Easy are the three available driving modes, and each comes with its own specific benefits.

Discover how the versatile electric SRO stand-in stacker trucks can support your business operations both now and in the future with this free guide.



Sit-On Stacker Truck

With the SSO, maintenance and regular checkups can be carried out easily as both the battery compartment and machine house cover (which is hinged and removable) provide excellent access even in narrow spaces. That being said, the SSO’s connectors and sensors are sealed, which allows for long service intervals, reducing maintenance and improving uptime.

sso warehouse


The SSO can be powered by lead-acid batteries – the first choice for those looking for a cost-effective solution that’s also easily recyclable, or Li-Ion, which allows for opportunity charging and is arguably the most sustainable form of power on the market.

Unmissable features of the SSO

An energy-efficient AC drive motor to provide more torque 

A combi-controller lift system

Simultaneous hydraulic functions, forks and stabilisers

Highly responsive power steering

Overhead protection from guard pillars with the option of two different heights – 150mm or 160mm

An optional multi-function display which includes up to 100 operator IDs with PIN code access


SSO takes advantage of these highly sustainable battery options, as well as a simple, fail-safe battery lock, which can only be unlocked when the battery plug is disconnected, and locked if the battery plug is reconnected. This ensures that operators can change their batteries in good time, and with confidence.

As we’ve touched on previously, comfort is key. This sit-on stacker boasts adjustable steering controls which refine height and rotation, to reduce fatigue. The ergonomic armrest is fitted with quick-release handles and conveniently positioned buttons to reduce strain and maximise control.

In terms of visibility, the SSO provides the operator with protection via the overhead guard without compromising on the visuals. The overhead guard is designed with spaces on the mast to counteract the risk of blind spots, ensuring the operator can see both the forks and their pathway at all times. This reduces the risk of accidents caused by collisions with other operators or warehouse products.

Download the full brochure today to discover how the versatile SSO 1.2 - 2.0 tonne sit-on stacker can support your business and make your operations more sustainable.

To maintain an error-free, productive environment that decreases TCO and improves uptime, operator safety, comfort, and efficiency are essential. TCM's stacker truck series is a sustainable investment, both environmentally and in terms of lifetime value, thanks to its ergonomic design and intuitive features.

Are you considering investing in a forklift truck? Take a look at this free guide where we cover everything from TCO and identifying your business and operational needs to helping you to understand exactly what you’re paying for.